"I'm awesome because I am not afraid to fall,
nor ashamed to stumble.
Because I never wanted to be beautiful,
and I never pretended to be."

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Alexander McQueen laid to rest in London.

Lee McQueen was laid to rest earlier today, Thursday February 25th, surrounded by close friends and family at Saint Paul's Church in Knightsbridge, London. I'm sure it was a very sorrowful day as his loss as both an innovative designer and irreplaceable friend is immensely devastating. But I'm also more than positive that his departure wasn't totally crestfallen-- I'm sure his loved ones celebrated his life accordingly and only the greatest of memories with him have been revered dearly. His creative genius will live on forever. 
R.I.P. Lee McQueen


Gladys Lopez said...

he was an amazing individual. he will be terribly missed.

Rosa said...

He was one of the best!!, btw I love how people went dressed so chic in black !


arrrh WOW his free now!! x

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