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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Behold, the power of the devil Anna Wintour:

So apparently, Miss Wintour decided that she could only spare 3 days of attendance for Milan Fashion Week this year. Yes, the current one. And because of this shank move all the designers had to reschedule their showings to fit her tenure. That's money wasted, more time needed, blah blah blah... just pure unnecessary pandaemonium. I honestly didn't know too much about this until I saw this picture:
If your eye balls don't quite work well (like mine), the protesters wore shirts that read "I WILL ONLY STAY 3 DAYS" right before the Gucci show. I think it's fucking hilarious!!! And btw doesn't that chap kinda look like BryanBoy? He wouldn't. Anyways, I guess in some sense I can see why people would be mad but quite frankly... it's Anna Wintour- shit like this is expected and a norm in her world. I understand why people would do anything in their hands to part the ocean for her and that in itself is unfathomably badass. But I'd totally pull a Paris Fashion Week on her and be like "Umm, ok, your loss. Au revoir." Plus didn't we all learn via The September Issue that the real power player here is hot ginge Grace Coddington? I'm just sayin'. 
If you want to read a much better account of the havoc click here

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Anonymous said...

Haha This is my favorite post so far! I didnt know that happen, but just like everyone else who watched The September Issue, I get it.

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