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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Put that bagged salad down! It has SHIT in it!

Damn it and I always head over to the bagged salad section of the produce area. I thought I was being healthy. But no... apparently there are small remnants of fecal bacteria all up in them plastic bags!!! 
Here's what the science people had to say:
"Consumer Reports found that 39 percent of samples exceeded this level for total coliform, and 23 percent for Enterococcus. The tests did not find E. coli O157:H7, Listeria monocytogenes or Salmonella–sometimes deadly pathogens which can be found in greens, although it was not expected given the small sample size. According to Consumers Union, the goal was to investigate other markers of poor sanitation that should be used in the food safety management of produce."
“Although these ‘indicator’ bacteria generally do not make healthy people sick, the tests show not enough is being done to assure the safety or cleanliness of leafy greens,” said Dr. Michael Hansen, senior scientist at Consumers Unions, nonprofit publisher of Consumer Reports. “Levels of bacteria varied widely, even among different samples of the same brand. More research and effort is needed within the industry to better protect the public."
Disgusting! I know it's not enough to kill ya but just the fact that they contain just a bit of the dirty stuff is McNasty!! Nothing is safe these days, NOTHING. I'd much rather deep fry my shit to make sure all the bacteria is dead. McDonald's it is. 

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