"I'm awesome because I am not afraid to fall,
nor ashamed to stumble.
Because I never wanted to be beautiful,
and I never pretended to be."

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

In. Love. With. Her.

I just finished watching the Ellen Degeneres Show and Kristen Chenoweth was the main guest star. Now, I didn't know who the hell she was and still don't really know that much about her but what I can say is that she is freaking hilarious!!! She was totally quirky, free spirited, and totally down to earth southern belle. Her energy was just through the roof and I couldn't help but to laugh the entire time. Now that I think of it, the perfect word for her is adorable! For sure. And her ambien stories are freaking priceless!!!! You definitely have to watch her interview! I promise you'll get a case of the lols.  

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