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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kimora Lee Simmons and her trist with CHANEL:

For once I actually am done with homework and errands before 11:59 p.m. on a Sunday. I'm usually running around hectically trying to get things done because quite frankly I can't do any of my assignments on Friday or Saturday. I've tried. I've failed. And now that I am done with everything I have nada to do... absolutely nothing. So of course I decided to watch some T.V. and what a surprise-- there is nothing on. Thankfully on-demand exists. With too many things to choose from and too many buttons to press, I stumbled upon Kimora- Life in the Fab Lane and thought I'd give it a go. 5 minutes deep I decided to google her and try to figure out her claim to fame. I knew she was doing the whole Baby Phat thing and was married to Russell Simmons but I never knew this:
Yes, that is Karlitos Lagerfeld and no, that's not Chanel Iman. It's Kimora (although the resemblance is uncanny). Check this out: at the age of 13 Kimora was flown out to Paris where she landed an exclusive contract with CHANEL. She not only replaced Lagerfeld's muse of 6 years and fashion icon extraordinaire Ines de la Fressange but also closed the CHANEL Haute Couture collection in 1989 making her an instant hit. 
Saaay whaaaat!? Yeah, that confused face you've got on... I had it too. I would never put Kimora and CHANEL in the same sentence. I mean, I have nothing against her but she's just soo glammed up, ostentatious and gaudy. Versace... now that I could see but CHANEL and at the tender age of 13? Damn, power to her for sure!!! She was actually referred to as "Mademoiselle Chanel" by the house during her 2 year stint as the new "it" girl. 
I don't even know how to react to this but I am definitely loving and respecting her so much. I thought she was just one of those annoying fixtures in fashion but apparently she has the resumé to back it all up and then some. This was definitely a pleasant surprise. And actually I now have put her up on a pedestal because being the face of CHANEL is quite the accomplishment that many other "supermodels" would have killed for. Fashion royalty? Absolutely. 

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FindingFashionland said...

to bad for her she is trashy now

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