"I'm awesome because I am not afraid to fall,
nor ashamed to stumble.
Because I never wanted to be beautiful,
and I never pretended to be."

Monday, April 5, 2010

Chronicles #6: Oh no she di-int!I! My H&M encounter.

I recently went to an H&M that opened up in my little town. I wasn't really looking for anything but to pass time. If I saw something than so be it. For the most part there wasn't anything that I hadn't seen before. But for the heck of it I decided to try on some basic pieces. Now, my mom has always taught my siblings and I to be curteous and wellmannered people so of course when I got to the fitting room I flashed my little smile and said my "hello, how are you doing today?" only to be snubbed with a "how many items?". I brushed it off. As we headed into the dressing room, she placed my two shirts on the inside-rack and then handed me my jeans. Wait... "handed" me is not the right word... more like P U S H E D it on to me and then hastily walked right passed me without saying a word. Rude. I was thrown off by her ill tempered demeanor that I didn't want to try anything on so I walked right out and you best know that I was on my cellphone about to share my experience with my sister. With a phone in one hand and my clothes on the other, the little troll asked me to go back and get my number card in such a "how dare you not" tone. I steadily marched to my dressing room, picked up my number card, walked directly to her, pushed my pile of clothes onto her, heard something fall, looked at it on the floor, gave her the "bitch, you work at H&M for a living" glare, and walked out. I had won this one. 
But for some reason I didn't feel like I had. I had never EVER treated a salesperson with such a pompously douchey attitude before and I felt somewhat horrible. I knew that I could have listed out reasons as to why I was in the right and how much she deserved it but I couldn't. I wish I could have carried on with my day but I couldn't help but to think of the experience and how much I had let myself down on many levels. I was let down in the fact that I let someone get the best of me, behaved so rudely and most importantly that I did so not just as a form of retaliation but because I felt entitled to do so. For a brief second I became a classist. No bueno. So, I apologize for my earlier "you work at H&M" comment. I'm not that kind of chap and such a state of mind is totally unmerited. No one is on a high horse. Actually all of this behavior is a no-no in the R. Gratz Book of Awesomeness. I should've taken the high road and showered her with niceness instead. Not only would I have been a better person but I'm sure that it would've aggravated her to see that I was unaffected by her negativity. 
Lesson learned. Thanks, mom. 


L.A.V. said...

Well sometimes people caught us in a sensible mode and let’s be honest even when one try to been nice with everybody, some people just have the talent to brought the worst of us later we regret what we say or thought about them, but they are really good irking people.

anton belardo said...

well sometimes sales people can be very very rude.
i had a lot of "oh no she didn't moment " at mango before..
im usually really nice and polite as well

1.) a sales lady told my friend that she was too fat to fit in that dress

2.) one girl told me i couldn't try on their over sized t-shirt because i was a boy and mango was a girls brand back then and so i bitched her out and bought the shirt anyways and the manager apologized

im so glad their not like that anymore

kisses a.

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