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Monday, April 5, 2010

What in the TIME MAGAZINE blasphemy is this!???

Can someone please explain to me what the hell the TIMES Magazine list of most influential people is up to these days???!!??? I've been gawking at the list for some time now and my brain can't make sense of some of the choices. At all. When I think of "most influential" I think of people that can/have/are causing monumental change within our present day society for the betterment of humanity, who inspire people to take action of their own, and who are incredible role models in their respected fields. I never knew that "most influential" actually meant most popular for unmerited reasons. Lady Gaga, Hillary Clinton, Muamma Gadaffi, Lindsey Vonn, Barack Obama, Mo'Nique, Stephen Colbert, hell even Betty White (for proving to the elderly folk still have it)... now these are totally worthy of their spots on the list. Instead you have people like Snooki (yes, the short and stout Cheetos puff from the Jersey Shore), Sarah Palin, Tiger Woods (maybe before his penis adventures, yes.), The Lost show creators, Rachel Ray, Jimmy Fallon, Bristol Palin, Rob Pattinson, Chelsea Handler (gangstah, you know I love you and how you fought for vodka to be an essential part of breakfast but seriously...), Bradley Cooper, Meghan McCain, and so forth. I must be missing something here because I have no idea what these individuals have done that people consider them "influential." But what gets me even more is that Snooki is in the top 20 of the "most influential. TOP 20! How the hell did she nab the 16th spot while accomplished people such as Kathryn Bigelow, Apolo Ohno, Anna Wintour, and Quentin Tarantino are unfairly down the ladder?!!! It is quite obvious that those that did vote are in dire need of a stint in English 101 to relearn what it is to be influential. Shame on me for not taking the time to vote too. I need a freaking beer right now. This is too much stupidity to handle all at once.



that is redicouly she is a no-body i only figured out who shes is 2days ago and that trashy bitch has no idea her 2seconds of fam will be over and everyone will forget her!!!

Artur said...

I agree. So stupid! I think they based on the press buzz for creating this list. I mean, it's obvious that there were more news about Rob Pattinson and Snookie this year, than news about Anna Wintour or Quentin Tarantino.

That's it.

But that's totally unfair because the amount of news does not creat more influential people.
So, not well done, TIMES...

Katorra said...

I think the times article reflects how much influence pop-culture has on society...I whole-heartedly agree that the recognition should only be given to noteworthy indiviulas who have really made a contribution to the world.

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