"I'm awesome because I am not afraid to fall,
nor ashamed to stumble.
Because I never wanted to be beautiful,
and I never pretended to be."

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Not your babe? So what's your name?

So earlier today I came across these shots of a certain señorito named Alejandro "Jo Calderone" on the set of an upcoming shoot for Vogue Hommes Japan from SHOWstudio.com. Nothing special, eh? Look again. 
Besides a fugly chap, anything in particular?
How about this for good measure...
I think schnoz NOT.
Speculate, mothalovahs!


pirat_E said...

that's crazy good!

Berta said...

this is the perfect style!

Berta said...

this is the perfect style!

Berta said...

this is the perfect style!

Javier said...

I'm shocked 0.o

FindingFashionland said...

no comment haha


Fashion Wh0re said...

haha this just made me laugh they look so much alike (or maybe that is gaga haha) i love your blog your always posting great funny things adding you to my faves on my blog ;)

Pepa Xavier said...

ahaha awesome!

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