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Friday, July 30, 2010

Ughh, gross and wtf, Vogue Hommes Japan!!!

Preview of the lame-excuse-of-a shoot by Matt Irwin
Perez Hilton will have a feature in the next installment of Vogue Hommes Japan. There's just all types of WTF with that statement. I'm gonna let that one simmer for a bit because right now I need a vodka-cran injected into my bloodstream asap (yes, I'm THAT upset). Seriously, VHJ? Seriously!!? Common, Perez and fashion!? Have you seen him during redcarpets!? Tragic. And seeing that he doesn't write for his own blog anymore, it's safe to assume he doesn't for his cocoperez fashion blog either. So what's the deal? I mean, I know he's unfortunately a fixture in our current pop culture but C'MON!!! Barf with a capital GETTHEFUCKOUTOFHERE!!! 
Does anybody else find this mindfucking or am I just a hater?

In other fashion fuckery news...

"If anime versions of the gypsy king from Thinner and Ratpunzel consummated their newfound love behind a tree in Woodstock, their broken condom baby might look like Lady CaCa on the cover of September's Vanity Fair. All the copies of Photoshop used for this cover can join hands and take their bows, because they've done it again."
- Michael K, Dlisted.com

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FindingFashionland said...

no one likes Perez except for himself. i never tough fashion and perez would fit in one line...


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