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Because I never wanted to be beautiful,
and I never pretended to be."

Monday, July 26, 2010

Oh, how my tastes times have changed.

Although I do appreciate the technical glory of a Rolex, it's fancyshmancy-ness has never truly star-struck me. In my experience (by experience I mean trying them on under the alias of Lord Crawford-Jenkins III at pretentious jewelry shops) I have found them to be either too boring or too gaudy and just simply too overrated for my liking. Actually I've grown to despise them! That is, until I found these babies!!
Is it possible? Have I been won over? Oh, Rolex, you dirty little bastard, you have finally reeled me in, touché! But ehseriously, I can't get enough of these shindigs. Their vintage (1964-1969) greatness, classic oyster faces, their preptastic fabric straps... their EVERYTHING! Just the perfect combination for eyecandy. Alas, they're worth more than I could ever part with but at least I now know that there IS a Rolex out there for me. Sneaky, sneaky, Rolex, how you play games with me! Bittersweet. 
via: 00 o 00 Blog


Sandra Azwan said...

its adorable!! love it!!


elizar33 said...

they're beautiful!!! love the last one with blue and yellow stripe strap!

jamie-lee said...

these are fantastic, I especially love the middle one with the light salmon face. gorgeous! x


KC said...

i never saw myself wearing a rolex. until this came up. love the blue and yellow one.


Blackcowboy said...

Jesus, is that real?? Is that original by Rolex, unbelievable. It's trashy but in a cool way, because it breaks down any convention and in this occasion I like it!

debbie clementine said...

I must tell you, you have an incredible good taste! I tought i'd never love a rolex, but i love this ones, all of them!

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