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Monday, October 25, 2010

A dose of Mayan glory? Yes, please!!!

Welcome back to the week, mothalovahs! Hope this past weekend was a blast. Mine was filled with scurry movies, living in my Burberry throw, and staying stationary on my couch- a blast indeed! But now that the week has started, I am in dying need of something genius to get the ball rolling. Cue the lights and press play:
The MANcessory game here is beyond! The Mayan influences that inspired this BEVEL NYC collection entitle "Ball Game" is tickling my crazy! The pieces are the perfect blend of texture, antiquity, and culture. Again, BEYOND! But the presentation is what really brings these creations to life. Char Alfonzo was the creative mastermind behind this Apocolypto-esque video campaign and I definitely have mad love for his creative vision. His concept and art direction brings a phenomenal sensual yet bold authenticity to these raging MANcessories.
These are pretty damn empowering creations and I freaking want them all, stat!!! MANcessories are my life's calling and these get my full on stamp of obsession! It's really freakin rad when designers collaborate with the right creative mind to uplift their already genius collections to incredible heights. 
Well played BEVEL and Char Alfonzo! 
And yes, that is Manuel Ramos from the Givenchy campaigns! =)

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Margaret said...

oh my god.... i NEED those rings :O and facepaint :D x

Pepa Xavier said...

Awesome jewelry! Love it!

Mei said...

Wow such expression :)

vejrubia said...

Those rings.


I just might turn into Golem from LOTR if I get my hands on those.

Wttwotc said...

they are AWESOME. I really love people with so much creativity.

Manel said...

awesome!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I just fu**ing L-O-V-E! Bevel Jewllery and Jonathan Goldstein, so skilled! :)

Have a amazing day!

BIG xoxo

Hr Johansen

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