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Monday, November 1, 2010

It's HERRREEE!!!! Lanvin for H&M film extravaganza!!!!

Lanvin, Lanvin, Lavin!!!! Can you ask for anything more from H&M!??? Absolutely dig this film!!! Quirky, fun, and just MAJOR in every sense! There are some seriously insane pieces in this collab and the lady accessory game is freshly jovial! But what about the gents!?? There wasn't enough in this film! Please tell me that we have our own film with baller status creations to lust over as well! If not, I will probably go to Stockholm and slap the H&M head honchos silly. Over all, this is one fashionable collusion that will go down in the history of epicness. But for the love of Zeus, give us fellahs some loving too; we want MANVIN not flowers!

What did ya think? :)

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Elle C. said...

OMG LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! CAN'T WAITTTTTT!!! 3 MORE WEEKS~!!!! Totally quirky and I loveeeee the dresses! Hope you don't mind me posting this vid on my blog! It's a mustttt. :)

Casey Pham said...

I am having such a raging LANVINGASM right now, you wouldn't believe it. I need the bow ties. I'll for a man tee too.

rocco said...

It's such an amazing video.. I love it, can't stop watching it heheh... I like your blog.following you :)

David Toms said...

I am lining up for sure!!

Ashley said...

Oooo I want everything, I just wish it wasn't going to be quite so expensive! *cries*


Martina said...

Thanks thanks thanks hm!!!!!! when I heard lanvin I thought they were kidding, but after seeing studying and getting obsessed with the whole collection I still dont believe it! I'm planning to take the da free so that I can attack freely hm!


Anonymous said...

It is indeed? Are you looking forward to the release in shops? :)

Yves said...

Thank you for all of your compliments!
You're definitely right! I also want Manvin!

Anonymous said...

I love browsing your blog because you can always bring us fresh and awesome things, I think that I must at least say thanks for your hard work.

- Rob

Marta i Albert Mullor. said...

We love it!!


Berta said...

yyeahh!!! I really want Lanvin in H&M... I will have to fight...but... hahhahaha Thanks for the video!


it's awsome! i love this collection!
i just bumped into your blog! love it!

ciao ciao from rome

Chantal said...

omg. can't wait! <33

Marinka said...

the commercial is great and interesting..Some of those dresses are really nice too..
Thanks for having stopped by my blog, I will for sure follow yours ^^

TheMen'sSide said...

I saw this coolection yesterday in showroom H&M, and in my opinion is really cool!
Great stufs!

Black and Wine said...

I'm afraid people will put their originality aside for the next Christmas and New Year's eve parties. But I'm still gonna take a look on Nov 23 and see if I can find something interesting.
I love your blog by the way!


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