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Monday, December 20, 2010

Carine Roitfeld says "au revoire" to Vogue Paris

On Friday news broke that Carine Roitfeld has decided to leave her editor-in-chief position at Vogue Paris and embark on a new life journey come January 2011. I had to re-read the statement not once, not twice, but THRICE before I could grasp on to a Roitfeld-less Vogue Paris. I haven't been this upset since Marissa Cooper died (along with the show, Mischa's career, and everybody else's for that matter) in the third season of The O.C.! It was too soon!! Anywho, after people got their "wtf's", "huh's", and "wait, no, for serious? OMG!'s" out of the way, they've been caught up into 2 things: 1. speculating what she'll do next and 2. who will replace her- which btw, I'm gunning for the current fashion director of Vogue Paris, Emmanuelle Alt. But me, I've just been thinking about how grateful I am for what's she's brought to the fashion game and MY life. So I just wanted to take this opportunity to say MERCI BEAUCOUP to Madame Roitfeld. Merci for supplying me with a magazine bible that has altered and shaped my knowledge and appreciation of what high fashion truly is and means. Her 10 year tenure began right when I was a mere fashion hatchling, so she has definitely been my Mama Bird. So Carine, although I get a case of the sads to see you part with Vogue Paris, c'est la vie and I am only excited to see what comes next for you. :)

And for nostalgia's sake, here's Carine's first Vogue Paris cover from 2001 with Kate Moss by Mario Testino.
Merci, Mama Bird.
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bec said...

I couldn't believe it either!! There are rumours now that she was fired??

KC said...

oh, now that's sudden. i also wonder how anna will remain standing strong. anyway, i think emanuelle alt will be a good and deserving successor.


Jason laucht said...

i couldnt believe it but thats life eh??

Inspiration exists said...

She leaves in the best way when she's on top and I'm sure her future projects will be worthy. No time for sadness, life is just about change, without it it'll be quite a boring place!

Mei said...

Yeah I know :( I was like............... errr okay x

Andrés Corella said...

It was a true shock...but well things don´t last forever do they?..But there are some serious heels to fill now!


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