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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lacoste goes Unconventionally Chic for Spring 2011!

It's a new era for the worlds most famous alligator. Not only have they nabbed a new creative director in Felipe Oliveira Baptista but they're also bringing out all the glitz, drama, and shaazam with their A-list cast of super modelquins and the creative eyes of photogs extroardinaires Mert & Marcus for their new ad campaign slated to hit January 2011. Checcckkkkk it out!
My obsession, Anja Rubik
Noah Mills
Liya Kebede
Jon Kortajarena
Holy foursome of supreme model powerhouses!!! Talk about a freaking première casting! Legendary! Lacoste is definitely not playing with their new makeover. Now, I know that at first it may seem like the folks over at the Lacoste headquarters got into Janice Dickinson's medicine cabinet for combining diva sequence and 007 dapperness with a polo shirt on top but there's a method to this madness. You see, the crazy juxtaposition is all symbolism: ya don't have to be all fancy-schmancy to feel and be chic; a Lacoste polo can do just that in all its interwoven glory. Let it sink in a bit. Mmhhhhhmmmmm! I dig it, I dig it, I diiiiig it!! Plus anything with my life's infatuation Anja Rubik is fine by me! :D


So what d'ya think? Like the new direction?

images via tfs

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akmal ariffin said...

good info...love it!!!!

bec said...

I like this, its clever and a bit cheeky :)

Lola Finn said...

So good! I love Anja too <3

Mei said...

I don't like Lacoste unfortunate, to stiff and simple D:
But! There's a but, I do like their perfumes & styling :)

Nora said...

Anja's skirt (is it skirt? ;]) is SUPER great :)

Anonymous said...

Jon Kortajarena is the hottest guy ever.

anonymous girl said...

They are really spicing their brand up this season

Andrés Corella said...

I totally dig it!!...Like Bec said clever...very clever campaign!


Taj said...

So good !! I've been waiting for Lacoste to flex a little fashion muscle!!

reub-envision said...


Shane Bailey said...

I so hope these could be an bona fide way to wear the iconic Lascote polo, not only for editorial:) Very interesting and inspiring!


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