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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We might have a Britney Spears VOGUE situation here!!!

After our favorite princess of pop of all time tweeted this:
I thought perhaps it was for the cover and/or promo photos for her new album coming out next year in March. But after a lil rumor milling, I have come to the possible conclusion that Miss BritBrit may have been shooting for a different kind of cover.

 It's VOGUE bitches!!! 
I know, I know... crazyyyyy!!! But even more interesting is that the last time I checked, after BritBrit appeared on her first cover back in Nov of 2001, Madame Wintour said she'd rather eat real people food (remember, carbs are for poor people) and set her fur collection on fire before she'd let BritBrit get her VOGUE on again. Seems like Wintour had a MAJOR change in her limited edition Svworovski encrusted heart. This could totally be a figment of my imagination (I need to refill my meds!) but maybe this is part of a perfectly well orchestrated plan driven by the Illuminati (but in this case, I don't mind!!) to pin Britney back to the top. I mean, Circus was great & all but it was nothing like her Toxic/SlaveForYou days. 2011 might just be the year of those glorious days again! Stay tuned. 
Am I just crazy? What dya think?!? 
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anonymous girl said...

Let's hope she gets her shit together in 2011. And no more photoshopping the heck outa her from photographers

Chris Jaden said...

I love her, she's the best! <3

Davidikus said...

It would be good to see a good series of pics of Britney!



Not much of a fan but lets see if she BLOWS ME AWAY :)

Anonymous said...

I just dont put Vogue and Britney Spears together... i really didnt like it.

Ellen ♥ said...

Yay! Britney Spears :)

I am following your blog now. you have a nice page! Thanks for dropping by on my page hope we could be friends.


Maya • Fashion Illustration blog said...

First of all have to google this, as I had NO IDEA BRITNEY WAS IN VOGUE! Second.... I don't know, I like BritBrit and really hope this will look great (although she might have stayed off the fries if she knew this was coming).


Jason laucht said...

I cant'T wait!!!!

hit me baby one more time! <3


Wttwotc said...

Let's see, this is a hard topic for me to speak about, because I love Britney. But she's not a VOGUE girl. Not at all. She hasn't style, and VOGUE is about style.

I hope the collaboration is for the CD.

About the CD. I don't think Britney is going to make EVER a better album than Blackout. I like Circus, it's OK, but Blackout was made when she didn't have any sense of shame. Blackout is the best pop album of the last years, whatever the people say.

Let's see, anyway, what they have done together :)

Francesca said...

YO DUDE thanks for the comment and follow. i am following back yewwwww

F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com)

franca maisha said...

hey, thank you so so much for the comments! *blush* :) you've got a lovely blog, keep it up!


Shane Bailey said...

No strong feelings towards Britney, but Vogue? the bible of fashion? isn't it like putting @#$%@ on the cover of bible--!


Kennedy said...

whooaaaa she looks good!

Jesús said...

I go to speak in english :$

In this photos there are a lot photoshop hahahhaha

un saludo, jesus

Annushka said...

Very nice post, your blog very interesting!!!)))

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