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Monday, February 7, 2011

The lightening passes through my skull...

Meet Rick Genest, aka "Zombie Boy", Nicola Formichetti's muse for his latest Thierry Mugler mens collection.
Click play ↓↓↓.
Btw, that's not makeup. He actually tattooed his entire body to resemble a gothic skeleton masterpiece. A completely crazy and bold move to make but the inspiration and imagery he evokes is just awe-inspiring, so kudos to him!

image via HenryHomme

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David Toms said...

The video for this was brilliant!

Hanny said...

That's amazing make-up. That guy's bone-structure really makes it look like a real skull, doesn't it?

JBriggs said...

haha lol but what kind of job could this guy get once he gets old

Reg Rodriguez said...

can't believe he tattooed his whole body!!! intense!


Mei said...

Seriously I would frickin' run if I bump into him in real!
Can't believe he tatoed his entire body..

Oh well :) xx~

Jos Phsycothetic said...

I don't know if this is make up or tatto, but soo sexy ahha :)

Berta said...

oH My GoD!!! hE is crazy... so much...hahaha

Taj said...

thats insane!!! but its so cool!:) Mugler was BOMBASFUCK this season!!

Snow Black said...

Whhhhaaaat?!!! Ok tell me this dude has a special biometric passport when he travels? Coz if I were the immigration officer it would be "Sir Ima need you to wipe the makeup off your face in order for me to see you".


Malu Rivero said...

And I saw it listening Alejandro haha! So so dark scene...

ACIM said...

this is kind of scary, but still i love it ...
really enjoyed your blog. maybe you stop by at mine.
Would love to hear from you

Nacho said...

is it true that he tattoed his entire body???

whatta pair of **** he has!

i'll follow u!

KARNOSKI said...

great blog!
take a look of mine, it's new (:
start to follow me
and I'll follow you back
keep in touch xOxO

Aphrodite said...


Bises ♥

costra y ampolla said...

this guy is on lady gagas new video!!

oxoo it must be cause formichetti!!!

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