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Friday, April 1, 2011

Katy Perry kissed an alien and I liked it!!

I've been jamming out to Katy Perry's E.T. pretty much every day for the past forever. The song is alluring, hypnotizing, and plain out makes me feel all sexualized and a playfully raw kind of naughty. So you bet that I was fervidly waiting for her to drop the video for it. And did KP deliver? You betcha! Get ready for some alien induced illumination of pure cosmic extacy!

I've never seen Katy like this before and to be honest I didn't even know she had it in her to be this glorious. I know that in 2 seconds the Gaga "Born this way" comparisons will ensue but gangstahs, Katy stayed and connected her visuals with her song -- something Caca never does (I still don't know what Alejandro and Nazism have to do with eachother??). The story line is spectacular and the creation of Katy's celestial-being is sensational, dazzling, and extremely captivating. I feel like it was the perfect amount of creative visual splendor; it was electrifying enough to take me on an intergalactic journey o f bliss without being "too creative" (Gaga, I'm looking at you!), overbearing and full of WTF moments (besides the Vogue product placement, but hey KP's gotta pay them bills!). Oh, and Shaun Ross as the extraterrestrial being??? Genius move!!!
All I need right now is one of those planetary cosmos Christopher Kane shirts so I can play this video on full blast and pretend I'm Shaun Ross. Yes, I have the hots for alien Katy Perry. Seriously, if this is what Scientologists believe in and can confirm to me that their cosmic "friends" look like alien KP, then consider me BFF's with Tom Cruise!!!
video/images via katy perry vevo

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JBriggs said...

hmmm don't know about this, not the biggest Perry fan but I feel like I've seen this already even beyond Gaga vids, makeup= rodarte, Avatar, trailer for Tree of LIfe. I find these popstars just take so many inspirations and just mash them together and call it their own I don't know maybe that is just me, but to each their own defs better than any Usher or Lil'Wayne vid out there

Ice Pandora said...

I love the visual art in Katy P's. video clip! The colors are so dreamy ^^ also the hair of Katy is niceee
Altho the beat of the song sounds familiar.. but I don't know from...
anyway xxx

Andrés Corella said...

Me encanta esta canción y el video tambien me gusta muchisima...Por cierto jaja yo tambien quiero una de las camisetas de Christopher Kane!

The Black Label

Javier Sendín said...

Great videoclip! I love the cared aesthetic and the amazing make-up. The begining reminds me a little of Wall-E haha! And the final "love scene" is really great!

Jos Phsycothetic said...

I love the song, but it was so much better without Kanye West ... Amazing video!!!

Snow Black said...

I see Yeezy and Perry are collabora'in ! Lolz. I remember reading about the albino male model. First Gaga and Zombie Boy now this. Damn male models are taking over videos. ;-)

RGV said...

I've loved this video too, is one of the most fascinating videoclips I've ever seen!
Thank you for comment my blog :)

RGV said...

I love that video! Is one of the most fascinating videos I've ever seen!
Thanks for comment my blog! :)

Dimitri Zafiriou said...

so magical...

reub-envision said...

I thought it was pretty interesting
lets say I loved that she is wearing a Viktor & Rolf dress
but I hated her hair at the end

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