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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

dude looks like a lady; marc jacobs edition.

Hey, if you design womenswear that is the Krispy Kreme amongst the fashion twinkleberries, why not indulge in it yourself!? Well that's exactly what INDUSTRIE MAG had in mind for the coveted fashion designerlebrity Marc Jacobs. Take a gander!
And THAT, mothalovahs, is how you do chic gay pirate! I really hope John Galliano is taking notes in his "I  Moses" papyrus notebook I sent him because MJ is doing John Galliano better than John Galliano does John Galliano! Actually, I might have it all wrong and instead perhaps this is Galliano's cousin who left the dungy pirate ship to go to college in the big city, became a sophisticated lad(y), and is all "classier than thou" at Thanksgiving dinners. Indo0obitahhhbliiieeee!
But on a real note, I dig this concept by INDUSTRIE; it's simple yet playfully interesting. Also, I rather fancy Marc with fluffy long dapper tresses. Honestly, look at him and I dare you to tell me the kid doesn't look praisingly smashing!! I. COURTNEY LOVE CRAZY DARE. YOU!
MJ, if you haven't already, I highly suggest you give some serious thought to snatching back Megan Fox's 2011 Golden Globes hair-piece. I know she let you borrow them for the shoot but I'm sure she'd understand.
Who woulda thunk Marc to be a face-of-all-trades!?? Not only does MarcJacobie out beat John in Galliano-nizing but he also out foxes Foxy herself! If his designing gig fails one day, at least I can have peace of mind knowing he has a lucrative back up plan. Thank, Zeus!
images via INDUSTRIE and the googles remixed by me

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JBriggs said...

wow thanks for that comment soo much! It really did make my day, and you know what, truthfully I think I've been neglecting my blog too, but you can't force greatness, or creativity! It is always a pleasure when a new post from R. Gratz VM pops up on my dashboard, you always take such relevant trends in pop culture and put your own steez in it (with your amazing writing of course). I wish I had even half of the writing ability you do, and keep doin what you doin of this blog! Perhaps some personal style posts from what you say and put up (and twitter) on here, I could only imagine what amazing manfits you'd have to offer.

Lola Finn said...

Ha ha ha... He is so fantastic! The real Marc Jacobs ;) I love him!


Berta said...

HAhahahaha I love it!! this guy is incredible! =)

H A R R Y G O A Z said...

SUPER images !!!

Have a great week.

Dimitri Zafiriou said...

it is a man's world...and it's a fabulous world...

The Girl Next Door said...

lol. tu รจ pazzo.
But i kind of agree. so what does that say about me? I think MJ could rock his own look better than any other man and damn right he could pull off some foxy main aswell!

We already have men hitting the runway that look like women, this is just the next step right? or in the wrong direction perhaps?

Snow Black said...

I just love him ;) I;m surprised he doesn't do the women's LV campaign. I would kill to see him doing that!

Poppy said...

Haha brilliant! Such an interesting shoot.

thwany said...

he looks great!

Claire M. said...

Funny photos at first but I really love the outfits ;)

Marat said...

Have you seen him wearing Prada?:)

Marat said...

Have you seen him wearing Prada?:)

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