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Friday, October 14, 2011

SPOTTED: Karlie dentalKloss

Karlie Kloss and other fashion babes paraded around in designs by the CFDA/Vogue Fund nominees at Casa de Anna Wintour in the Upper East Side yesterday. Now Karlie hasn't been a stranger to an "Eat A Cookie, Damn It!" campaign against her but I always attributed her delicate forever 12 years old centipede frame to her trysts with Peter Pan in Never Ever Land but now that I've come across this picture, I'm starting to think Tinkerbell and Rufio don't exist! Yes, shizznit just got real! Karlie DentalKloss looks like a graduate of the Academy of Nicole Richie, class of 2006.
I know fashionwhohaha's can say it's the angle, the dress, the lighting, or perhaps that drink glass in the shot is actually jumbo-enormous-sized bc it belongs to the Green Giant and Karlie just looks "small" compared to it, but gangstahs, if you can "trick" the camera into looking like the next child, not spokesman, of a Feed The Children guilt trip infomercial, you've got 3 orders of french fries, 5 McDoubles, 7 milkshakes, and 9 bean burritos calling your name asap!! Just sayin'. 

image(s) via wwd.com
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Niccc said...

So skinny

Snow Black said...

Don't about this picture, but Karlie is 6 feet tall. She seems like a smart girl who would head down the Zoebots direction, let's hope. Other than that, I want the dress!!

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