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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

versace for h&m cruise collection; the mens lineup.

I have yet to recover from the first Versace for H&M hysteria, so much so that 5 out of the 6 items I landed on haven't made it out of their green-blue leopard garment bags and this morning Tella dropped the Versace for H&M Cruise collection. Crazinessssss! Not going to lie, I was pissed when I heard rumours that this business was going to happen. The "once in a lifetime" vibe about the collabs are what makes it worth freezing your genitalia out in the cold. So WTF! But I guess the Versace team got a sniff of my rancid evil eyes and decided to mess me up by making this Cruise collection only available in select countries in Europe online to have the last laugh. Figures. They're probably talking about me to my arch nemesis Lagerfart too. At first I wasn't upset because I got a look at some of the girl creations and they looked like Candyland and Strawberry Shortcake had made an illegitimate lovechild. But then, this morning, I checked out the mens lineup:   
No fruity prints?? No gaudy studs? No palm trees!??? Can this be so?? Actual normal clothes by Versace??? I dig it, I dig it, I diiiiiiiiigggggggg iiiiiittt!! I know some fashiontrolls may say that it's too average or too boring, but for me, I'm all about being able to actually wear crap and even better, wear them without people noticing I wore it a week ago. The palm tree gear from the last collab, although crazy cool, you're only allowed to wear once a month or else you'll turn into "the weirdo with the palm tree obsession" - not good. So this collection definitely gets my seal of obsession. I want all the shorts, all the button downs, both pants, and the cobalt blue tee & cardigan NOW! I just have to find a way to Mission Impossible my way into Europe on January 19th kidnap Allegra Versace and have the ransom be paid out in Versace for H&M Cruise gear because I'm still broke from the last collab. See you on Italy's Most Wanted!

image(s) via fashionista
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elizar33 said...

Love them all!

Especially the bright blue pleated shorts! Want it! Need it!

Berta said...

Well I like the bath suit it´s soo cool!

EighteenFortyseven said...

Wow! Love Versace Style!!
Give a look to our new Blog! We tried to do something different!!

L.A.V. said...

This collaboration is better than the original!! why they have to make online exclusive?!! I like the pants the shirts, the ts... dawn I want everything!

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