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Thursday, February 25, 2010

The last McQ collection unveiled.

"Here is the last line created by the late Alexander McQueen for his second line, McQ. With punk touches, the collection features the expressive Yuri Plesku...
Punk is the departure point for new the line, which pays tribute to a key decade in UK fashion. McQueen brings us rebellion, stylized figures and a skinhead look from the eighties.
There are slim silhouettes, striking colorwashes, short-sleeved shirts and classic check shirts: take a look..."
- View On Fashion Magazine
I'm really sad that this is the last McQ collection to be directly designed by Alexander but alas what is done is done. In true McQ aesthetic, all the threads are funky, fresh, playful, and fit for any trendsetting bloke. Definitely another hit by McQueen and that is why I digg this collection NOT because it was his last. Respect the craft not the morbid hype. Amen.

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Prince C said...

I totally agree with you, and he was an amazing designer :(

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