"I'm awesome because I am not afraid to fall,
nor ashamed to stumble.
Because I never wanted to be beautiful,
and I never pretended to be."

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What do we have here?

When I first got a peek at the all black Daniel Palillo getup I knew it was all too familiar. I just couldn't quite think of why or how. But then it donned on me... it reminded me of the annoying-and-not-so-funny plug in outlet costumes that I've painstakingly seen during Halloween. 

But then even that was weird for me and then it hit me- it was much more simpler than that: packaged condoms! It looks like a big black condom package that somehow got into an altercation with another condom package and decided to just eat the mofo and thus has two. Wait. Actually... give me two minutes. Ok. Time. After glancing over at his collection again I do have to say that homeboy definitely has some strange fascination with condoms and it's not just my overactive imagination talking. And like they always said on Reading Rainbow... don't take my word for it:
Exhibit A: 
Exhibit B:
Hmmm? Hmmm? I told ya so! Plus can we talk about how the white and black outfit has Stars Wars written all over it. Hi-fucking-larious!! But for some weird reason I am totally loving it all. Crazy? Yes. But crazy awesome? For sure. 


Oliver said...

cool idea



Fashion Wh0re said...

Thanks for following me...And i Love that Outlet outfit i want one for halloween..ha

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