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Because I never wanted to be beautiful,
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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Hair awesomeness!

I have been on a long search for the perfect haircut. I've been wanting something that can be extremely versatile; one that can be funky/fashion forward/debonair/phresh but can also be toned down into something more classy for those formal affaires. I found this little spread in GQ Germany's man-beauty supplement 'GQ Care' that totally highlights exactly what I'm talking about. And guess what? I'm already there and dabbling into these looks myself and couldn't be any more happier. It took a bit to grow out my hair but I've finally reached my hair perfection. I definitely have to thank my loyal array of hair products (ENJOY Volumizing Mousse, ENJOY Dry Wax, Aussie Instant Freeze Spray, ENJOY Hair Shine) and my patience for applying them in that order after blow drying my hurrr. Man, quite a lil routine but a gent's gotta do what a gent's gotta do. Totally worth it? One million percent!
Via: GQ Care Germany May 2010
Models: Edward Barber
Photographer: Armin Morbach
Groomer: Armin Morbach


elizar33 said...

these looks are amazzing...

wish my hair is this bodied...

elizar33 said...

check this link out: http://www.designscene.net/2010/04/anja-rubik-for-032c.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+DesignScene+%28Design+Scene%29

Pepa Xavier said...

Why don't you post a photo of you with this look?

WhoopyBeatrizLourenco said...

Thanks :) i following u now :).
youre BLOG is so Gorgeus!

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