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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Summer's coming...

And I can't wait to be out and about with the sun blazing on my back! Just thinking about the summery shenanigans I'm going to get myself into gets me totally stoked!! So naturally, I'm on the prowl for some gnarly summer gear and I just want to go simple- the only way summer should be done. I'm thinking of going with anything loose, nonchalant, and with that "barely-there" feeling... yup, I'm tanking it up!! And with my mind set on my threads-to-be, I went ahead to OAK to see what I could get my hands on. Unsurprisingly, I hit gold.
From Obey to Alexander Wang, they are exactly what I was craving. The prices are a bit steep ($42-$82 range) for just a tank. Sadness. I guess I can always try a DIY or keep on venturing the market to find some that have a bon marché pricetag. But damn it,  I'm really raging over the 2nd heather blue tank and the last stripped gray and white henley tank... those seem worth it to me. Stay tuned. 
To check out more of their lineup, visit Oak.  


schnellie™ said...

Really cool!!! I like.

Ploi P. said...

LOVE A-Wang. Not so much his prices, boo! But I doubt one could find alternatives to the materials he uses... grr. Thanks for your comment. Hopefully you'll be able to comment more on my writing! take care.

Jorge Alexander said...

i like the tatoos :D

anton belardo said...

been wearing tank tops a lot right now
the weather here is killing me
cool post

i want the black tank/T-shirt

Kisses A.

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