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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Alejandro... please don't call my name. Ok, nevermind. Wait, nope.

"Reminiscent of if not very much inspired by "Like A Prayer"-era Madonna (Remember when Madonna set those crosses on fire? And also wore lingerie, humped a bed, and involved comically protruding bras on her Blond Ambition tour? Bad Madonna! Very bad!) -- Gaga's "Alejandro" video could be interpreted as Gaga striking out at organized religion's repression of sexuality and homosexuality. Those soldiers who look an awful lot like Nazis? (If you're reading this, "Religious Right," though you're probably not reading this, we're 150 trillion % confident Gaga's the last person on earth you could peg as a Nazi sympathizer. They're REFERENCES, people. REFERENCES.) Perhaps we have Gaga's version of stomping out gay persecution, homophobia, and intolerance. (Or maybe I just wrote too many lit crit papers in college.) Is "Alejandro," which features Gaga dressed like a hot lady version of the Pope, a stylistic statement against religion's oppression of sex? Especially gay sex? Or maybe Gaga just likes to dominate spectacularly chiseled men cross-dressing in fishnets and heels. Fine with us. Gaga herself said that the video is "a celebration of my love and appreciation for the gay community," and she definitely delivers plenty of gay. While Gaga did speak out against "Don't ask don't tell" on Larry King Live, it's doubtful Gaga would make a video that obvious. Strip away all of the militaristic symbolism, Matthew Barney allusions, love games, and Gaga's inability to get with her gay friends, and the takeaway feels like "Alejandro" is Gaga's eff you to homophobia."
- MTV Buzzworthy Blog
I was all types of WTF'ed out after viewing Gaga's 'Alejandro' but after reading this litter blurb by MTV's Tamer Anitai, it makes a bit more sense to me. Well, kinda. Although I think that LG's videos are always incredibly well made and epically theatrical, I just would like for her videos to go along with her songs again and not just for sensationalist purposes (ahem, Telephone, Bad Romance, and this current piece). Before seeing sneak peaks plastered all over the interweb, I was expecting something summery รก la Eh Eh (Nothing Else I can say) or to at least go with the actual lyrics. Bummer. Maybe that's just me clinging on to the masterpieces of the '90's but sometimes I feel when she makes a video she just tries to be as "shocking" as she can for fucks sake, has no care to the actual song, and then when all is done she just injects whatever song is her single at that moment. I'm not saying that I don't enjoy them nor have respect for them but damn it, wtf? Anyways, 'Alejandro' was every flavor of cray cray and although I didn't understand how her stance against homophobia, religion, etc had anything to do with the actual song (which btw, I am with her on such matters- just not blasphemy though), I can still appreciate it... I'll just have to mute it and play some dramatically-intense-war time-orchestral music instead for it to make sense to me- that's all. 


Berta said...

well I don´t understand much about the story...does it has a story?? I think I get lost somewhere... reading the article the only thing I really can say is that she is looking again the public the shock. greetings from Spain! love ur blog!

FindingFashionland said...

I totally agree with u..
I love LG but please this is ridiculous. I do get it a bit cause it shocking so its gonna be a huge hit. But its a summersong so please do the eh eh nothing else thing again only in a new jacket and do this for another song. Anyway i love youre blog


ShouldaWouldaCoulda said...

I totally agree with you! With all her creativity and ability to shock in the most unexpected ways, the least she can do is make a connection between the video and the song's lyrics, the song's story. It would have a greater impact. And about 'Alejandro' ,I'm not a huge fan of the video, I only like the beginning.

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