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Because I never wanted to be beautiful,
and I never pretended to be."

Friday, June 11, 2010

Pound them man-cessories on? Possibly.

It comes to no surprise that I'm a bit obsessed with accessories man-cessories. As gents we really don't have as much to play with in the clothing department as our sexy counterparts do, so I make up for it with a sicktastic lineup of man-cessories. Bracelets, watches, necklaces, rings- you name it, I have it. From simple to the eccentrically ornate... I don't leave my house without some shindigs. I'm a very detailed oriented person and I analyze everything and everyone around me within 2 seconds of entering a room and I notice EVERYTHING and little things like such always capture my full respect. Although I have yet to massively pile on crap tons of man-cessories, I am definitely entertaining the idea of a bold look. 
I am currently inspired by...
Xoan by Sean P. Watters
Mateusz Farenholc by Piotr Porebski for Exklusiv June 2010

I really want to find a dapper and non-chalant way to rock this mounds-of-frills look and not look like one of those purposely eccentric and 'look at me I'm so out-of-the-box crazy' kiddos (I'm looking at you Gagaloo & Bobby Trendy!). Subtle yet bold with a hint of edginess- is that even possible? I guess I'll just let this marinate over some drinks for now. 


pirat_E said...

I have the same prob with trying to pile it on but, not look crazy! then I start editing and end up with a few rings...ARRRGH!


John Malvin said...

I love the layers of accessories. Definitely inspiring me to do some necklace hunting.

Berta said...

I really would like to see this acc. on men like skirts and this kinds of thing... it doesn´t make a men less men? I don´t know if the expression is ok...

so... let see...

KC said...

in accessories, i slack off. i need to be educated in this field. maybe you can show us your collection of accessories.


Taj said...

dude!!! I've been playing around with this lately too!!my favorite combos right now:
1. A blue jean/chambray button-up w/ African or Aztec inspired earth tone jewelery
2.a white high necked button-up with a very clean minimal silver necklace

Sarahhh.Fashion said...

Haha, Cool post.. Pics <3 them :) Thanks for comment :D <3 the blog..Sarah..0x

Fashion is me said...

incredibly beautiful and extremely creative, more such proposals.
Wonderful post, love it


The Allure House said...

Great blog :)
Thanks for dropping by. I'll return fer sure.



Sarahhh.Fashion said...

Ohhh By the way, I gave you a blog award, so check out my post :D Sarah..0x

JBriggs said...

your right there isnt much but i did just get a drapey skull rosary from h&m

Pedro Lucena said...

LOVE ur Blog! And I'm also a man-cessories fan!


NobodyKnowsMarc said...

love it!

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