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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kate Moss for the September issue of Vogue UK- need I say more?

It comes to no surprise that Miss Moss would have landed a coveted September issue for any notorious glossy, I mean, it's Kate Moss! Regardless of the non-surprise, her work always reaches new levels of greatness, so I've been batshit exicted to see what they came up with... and lo and behold, greatness! But what also makes this cover that much more sicktastic is that it marks her 30th cover for Vogue UK too. That's definitely a gnarly milestone for the founder of heroine chic herself, so bravo to you, K! But if you haven't seen the cover yet for your sake you better have just woken up from a comma let me give you a visual orgasm in 3 , 2, 1...
Sheer and utter perfection!!! But then again did we expect anything less glorious from such a powerful duo as Patrick Demarchelier and Miss Moss? Cheaaa, didn't think so. When you're as talented as both fashion legends making something spectacular out of just a stool, a photo set, and clothes is no biggie. But wow, I really can't get over the cover shot- so simple, classic and effortlessly stunning. By far the best I've seen for next months coveted cover frenzy. Plus that Burberry Prorsum felt pleat-back peacoat is just something else in itself. Again, utter perfection.

The rest of Kate's shoot, cleverly dubbed "The Moss Factor", is already circulating the bloggosphere but I know that if I wouldn't have been soo weak and eager to see the set, I would have liked to have been able to wait until I got my hands on a copy later on this month and for that reason, I'll only leave you guys with my personal favorite of the bunch. Hey, some people still like their surprises! If not, I'm sure you guys can sherlock-holmes it on the fashion-nets. Enjoy!
Kate Moss by Patrick Demarchelier for Vogue UK September 2010
Ok, ok, seeing that I'm quite the Curious-George, I needed to get the 411 on her first cover for Vogue UK and luckily, because I would've gone crazy otherwise, they have a chill online archive and it was easy to find:
Shot by Corinne Day
It was way back in March of '93 when a 19 year old doe-eyed Kate first graced the covers of Vogue UK in a pale pink and ice blue tweed bustier by Chanel. Man, how time has sure gone by. But it's most definitely safe to say that even 17 years later, Kate proves that she's still rocking and is staying in the game! Amen.

images via fashiongonerogue and Vogue UK online


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