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Monday, August 30, 2010

Ooooooh, Miranda Kerr covers Vogue. Twice.

What did I tell you, Miranda Kerr is the one to watch out for!! Not only did she nab a coveted Vogue cover (a milestone in any models career) but she managed to snag two of them at the same time! But the greatness doesn't stop there, no sir! Her two covers are actually for the September issue of both Vogue España and Vogue Italia. Yes, as in the most saught after issue for any fashion magazine. Phenomenal!!! Miranda is making a spectacular transition from sexy Victoria's Secret angel to high fashion femme fatale. I don't want to say "I told ya so" but... I TOLD YA SO!!! 
Vogue España September 2010 by Tom Munro
Vogue Italia September 2010 by Steve Miesel
And also congratulations to her and Orlando Bloom as they just announced they're expecting a baby friend. I wonder if Miranda will do a preggers cover? Although I'm a bit iffy about them, she is one beauty I wouldn't mind seeing baring it all with a baby in the oven. And I totally mean that it the most non-pervy manner. For serious. Anywho, major, major, MAJOR props to Miranda Kerr!

images via FashionGoneRogue


Berta said...

Spain Is different hahahah! I like how they belive in her in this interview and pics.

About the Emmys... well I don´t really like sooo much the red carpet... but I have to recognise that Kelly Osbourne is going to the right side... it´s better now.

Well seee you! xoxo

Tany Lë *charmediem* said...

miranda is a pretty girl,i have vogue this month.

xx charmediem*

I'm Super Robot said...

the girl is sooo pretty!
love your hair :)

W. said...

she a gorgeous woman and she deserve to be on every cover posible! haha check/fallow my blog if you want



SAM said...


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