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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I've currently developed a mancrush on Elite Milano model Texas Olsson. Don't ask me how and why, it just happened. Perhaps it's because he's Swedish yet has an awesome name like Texas, or it's his dapper coiffed hair, or his rad style, or the that he can alternate from a rugged man's man look to a boyish one, or maybe because gangstah has starred in both ad & video campaigns and walked for the likes of Energie, Diesel, D&G/Dolce&Gabbana, Lagom, H&M, Carlo Pigna, DSquared2, Filippa K, Zara, Vagabond, and Kenzo (to name a few)... he's got it all and he's just EPIC. Plain and simple. I mean, I have favorite guy models that I follow but Texas fascinates me in a different level; I get starstruck just looking at his work.
Pignatelli Outside Spring 2010 (to the right)
Day Birger et Mikkelsen Fall 2010
Dolce And Gabbana S/S 2008 (the one w/buzzed hair)
SHIPS Spring 2010
Filippa K 2009 Campaign
(buzzed hair in D&G)
Random from I don't know where?

And like I said, kid is definitely stylin' on his free time...
Oh and if you think pictures of him are awesome... moving images of him are that much more gnarly!

And here's his interview backstage at the recent Dsquared2 show in Milan. [Which btw the video reminds me to get stacked pronto-- these manwhores are making me rethink my workout plan. Big F-U to them! Haha]. Oh btw, Texas appears @ 0:38 seconds in:
Alright so that was maybe a little too much Texas Olsson overload but tell me he's not EPIC!? I challenge you! I seriously need to get ahold on this mancrush because it's kinda f r e a k i n g me out. Do mancrushes count as guilty pleasures? Because that sounds way much more (not really) better! But on a real note, I do have insane respect for Texas and I really look forward to stalking following his already sicktastic career.

images via The Fashion Spot/ Elite Milano/ The Fashionisto

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anton belardo said...

haha we have the same mancrushie
YES YES hes absolutely hot & stylish

*will now melt away*

kisses A.

Artur said...

He's so cute! I love him! He's street style is pretty epic too. :P

elizar33 said...

nice! although I don't think I adore him to be my mancrush too much, though... I'll have to think who to man crush!?!

Corve DaCosta said...

looking good

KC said...

i like his out of the runway look. not the usual predetermined model look.


pirat_E said...

my wife saw the last pic on another blog and she couldn't close her mouth...I only wish I could pull off a tank top like that!


Bambi said...

You have like one of the greatest blogs.One of my absolute favorites.And I have them 3:D. So thank you for following me beacause without that i've never found u.

Anonymous said...

WHAT? he is from sweden? he is swedish??!!! omg!!! i thought he was american xD WOW! anyway hes awsome!

Anonymous said...

Are those red leather pants he is wearing? Cause I've been looking for those for a while!

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