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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

DanRad goes meltdown crazy, while Little J goes...

It looks like Dazed&Confused has also been taking a page out of Boy George's memoir, the same one that outed the Hollaback girl's piece Gavin Rossdale's man-on-tranny fling with Marilyn Manson (no, not the the ring leader of the freak show but this one) and who just today admitted to it being true, and came up with this joint for their November 2010 cover with Daniel Radcliffe:
Seeing that Daniel has been trying to show the world that he's a for realrealz actor/thespian (remember his peen gig at Equux?) and not just Harry Potter (although that's the reason he's relevant again- ahem, Sleepy Hallows), he was more than game! And boy did he do his best to portray one of Boy George's epic meltdowns with a hint of Heath Ledger's Joker. Talent, I tell you!!

Here's a lil sneak peak of the joyous spread to be: 
Again, T-A-L-E-N-T!!!

UPDATED: Oct.16.2010

Click here for more of DanRad's homage to Boy George.

And in other celebutard cover news, here's Taylor Momsen doing what she does best...
Sorry Miley, but your new music video wasn't McTrashy enough because this round of "Who's The Nastiest Teenage Skank Of All" has been rightfully won by Little J. Seriously, I'm pretty sure this counts as some kind of child pornography. Let the rightwing parental backlash begin in 3... 2.. 1.

images via The Times and ONTD

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elizar33 said...

Love Dazed and Daniel Radcliffe, Hate Taylor!


Anonymous said...

I don't know what's worse. Taylor Momsen's fashion sense or the things she says.

I can't not like Daniel Radcliffe!

Snow Black said...

OMG you're hilarious!! But for real that Taylor Momsen photo even took me aback. She is 16 !!!! I know the rock chick thing is a phase that teenagers go through but Jesus this is taking it to another level.

I wonder what she is going to do after Gossip Girl?

Phillipe LeNerd † said...

oh god you're the best!
thanks for all your comments + support
you rock! :)

Bigio said...

Love Dazed&Confused! Great pictures! Really nice blog (thanks for your comment in mine :D)

Keep in touch!


clorofilla (zuckerfrei). said...

We love Little J. (L)

costra y ampolla said...

Jenny Humphrey is such a slut!! lol


Shebelle said...

Awesome blog I've never seen anything quite like this. And thank you for comment, it means a lot to me! Hopefully this adds credibility to the designers, it'll make my job a lot easier down the fashion editor path. Again thank you for your support!

She :D

Andi Cui said...

And by the way really nice blog!!!
Here you have a newfollower!


Karima Illustration said...

Hey, I'd like to do an illustration of you. If you want to...just send me your favorite pic of you! :)

See ya,


The Queen of Hearts said...

I really don't understand her appeal. I think she's just terrible.

Malu Rivero said...

Hilarous writting like you get used to us!
Love your sense of humor! and Mom rocks it

Anonymous said...

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maximilian said...

PPS: Taylor Momsen's The Pretty Reckless record is pretty spiffy! i'm lovin' it!

Jose Camacho said...

Love what you wrote about Taylor Momsen :P She's so hot though!

Jose C.


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