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nor ashamed to stumble.
Because I never wanted to be beautiful,
and I never pretended to be."

Monday, October 11, 2010

Fall inspiration: American Civil War Soldiers Circa 1860's

A bit ago I twitpic-ed a picture of the first soldier below because I found myself awed and inspired by the photo- his military clothes, his delicate yet masculine features, and even the intricate gold framing fully enveloped me. As I thought more about it, I became even more haunted and fascinated by his photo and by the rest of the series. They've since become my prominent muses for this fall season. I even talk to them sometimes (hey, someone has to approve my MANfits!) but that's probably something I should talk to my state ordered shrink about.... anyways, the ease and simplicity of these old world portraits are definitely noteworthy. Enjoy. 

images via bbc

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Berta said...

it´s true! and I really like that kind of coat xoxo

Wttwotc said...

these are awesome! I love photography and I don't know why old pictures always have an especial something.

And thank you very mucho for coming to my blog :) You were really nice. I have a SONY Alfa, but I am not sure about the model. But I've gotta say you, when I was in the Empire State, a couple asked me if I could take them a picture. Their camera was a Nikkon. When I took it was AWESOME! it has power dude, and you can feel it. If you have enough money, I don't recommend you the SONY, go for something else :)

I keep watching, by the way :P

KI YOONG said...

These portraits are really absorbing, thanks for sharing them. I really love the murmur of colour in the photos, the blushing cheek or the pinkness of the lips, it adds life. The detailed frames, the weakening colours, the glassy anonymous stares..All food for inspiration. (I like the dual pose in the last photo..oh I just noticed they’re holding cigars up to each other’s mouths..that’s comradeship for you!)
Thanks for scrolling through my blog, your comments were great, make sure you keep in touch!

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