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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Fortune Cookies--- I love you long time!

Earlier last week I went to my favorite Chinese joint and was blessed with the best fortune in the history of fortune cookies: "Treat yourself to something special." I was probably the worst person to be handed this shindig but seeing that 3 billion fortune cookies are made a year and this specific one came to me, who am I to not fulfill its glory? Plus Zeus would probably zap the drunk out of me if I didn't.
For a long time, I've had a passionate affaire with Buhrbrie (yeah, say it right!), especially when the sun retreats and the fall begins- it makes up at least 60% of my cold day wardrobe. But I haven't acquired anything major in a bit and with this fortune backing me up, I thought it was time! Although I've been dreaming about wearing their Shearling Funnel Neck Aviator Jacket while chipchipcheerio-ing around Londontown with my twitter soulmate Kian Francis Devlin, I haven't spent enough nights on my designated corner strutting my ho game hard, so instead I went with my second obsession from the Burberry Prorsum Fall/Winter 2010 collection...
Made out of durable leather and lined with shearling, these "Explorer" boots are freaking BEYOND!!! Christopher Bailey, I would like to thank you for this magnificent piece of footwear greatness! It's about time the men get something proper to stomp around in the cold. Usually, I think a little before I spend a pretty penny but my body automatically picked out my size and checked out in a manner of a miliseconds. Do I have buyers regret? Not. A. Chance!! I've been incredibly obsessed with them since I saw them on the runway:
Yeah, incredibly obsessed doesn't cut it... more like UNHEALTHILY INFATUATED! I can't even fathom the day that these blokes make their way through my front door. I'm probably gonna lose it and even plant a big one on the delivery person- woman or man! It'll be like an early Hug-A-Ginge Day (my favorite holiday!) to me!!! And for the record, chances of me talking in my best fake British accent while wearing them are pretty, pretty high. Just sayin.

Stay tuned.  

Images via Burberry, Style.com, & google search

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JBriggs said...

omg youre kidding right?! these are so effing awesome! Geez this is starting to make me think you are the american version of me lol, definetly wanna see a post when they finally arrive!

Badley said...

You make me so happy haha, I laughed throughout that entire post. I'm so excited for you, they are beyond gorgeous and if you weren't so darn quirky I would be green with envy.

Hell, I can't lie, I'm extremely envious!


simona said...

burberry boots <3


Malu Rivero said...

Ohh, the man who a see wearing this boots will be my man!xD

Rosa said...

Maybe of all the post I saw this and I need to treat myself lol ... Im seriously thinking in ordering some shoes I saw in the morning!!! Ill let you know tomorrow


Bruno said...

awesome awesome boots! Really lovin this!
Wish I had a furtune cookie like that, that would give me the chance to finally buy myself BROKE TO DEATH. :") Awesome. ( :


Berta said...

Can u belive tha I have been to a chinese restaurant many times and never try this cookies?? hahahaha strange

Gairah Love said...

i looooooooove you blog :) i follow u! xoxo

Mei said...

Haha I love the way you write things, so funny readable ^__^

Margaret said...

kill me kill me kill me kill me kill me. you know this already :)
we'd better be getting an outfit post, sir! and who's a sweetie! so glad you're liking my posts :) once i'm out of these silly exams, it'll be shooting and outfits galore <3 xx

TheMen'sSide said...

Burberry F/W collection is just amazing :)

Jose Camacho said...

I love the "explorer" boots too! :P
It's s amazing

Thanks for following :)

Jose C.


Silvialicious said...

Love this blog, bb!
its cool =)

go to:

kisses xoxxoxox!

Le garçon avec les lunettes said...

Outfit so cute and interesting!!!!

Rebecca from See You in Sweden said...

great boots

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