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Because I never wanted to be beautiful,
and I never pretended to be."

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

GQ goes GleeXXXalicious!

GQ is getting Glee-afied for their next month's November issue. As soon as I heard that Terry Richardson was going to do the snapping, I knew that I should brace myself for some hoochie mama extravaganza. I have a theory that Terry seeps out GHB out of his pores. Perfect sense, right? And his natural date rape drug musk did not fail him/us this time. There is some serious fornicatress-ing going on and it's all yummy! I did not know Rachel and Quinn had it like that! MmMMmmm. Btw, wtf is Finn doing all up in here? They should have put the Latina sex bomb that is Santana. Even bigger MmmMMMmmmm! Tsk, tsk, GQ. Anywho, please try not to splooge. Gracias. 
Click, click, click to see the GleeMcSluttiness!!

images via GQ

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JBriggs said...

that guy came into where i worked and i had no idea who he was until i heard the gitty screaming of the resident glee-tard i work with it was pretty funny but he was kinda weird

Margaret said...

hahahaha this is actually kind of cute. he looks so clueless :)

Rosa said...

very sexy pics!!


maximilian said...

haha! I love that princess Lea is totally slutting it up! werq werq!!

Penny said...

Love the plaid skinny tie in the second photo.

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