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nor ashamed to stumble.
Because I never wanted to be beautiful,
and I never pretended to be."

Friday, October 29, 2010

It's Fall, mothalovahs!!!!!!

If you were following me on twitter (yes, that's a plug, bite me!) than you'd know by now that I am borderline mentally obsessed with the Fall season. The gloomy skies, the beautiful hues of reds, oranges, yellows, and browns that infiltrate the greenery, the cold brisk air that perks up my nips, making myself some hot chocolate only to spit it back into my cup because it just sizzled the crap out of my tongue... it's like winning the lottery everyday! But most important Fall = Fall getups!!! That's what really, really gets my self-diagnosed A D D popping- I get too excited and bounce off one MANfit to another. In fact my face pretty much looks like this:
Yeah, I wasn't kidding, it's THAT bad. How can you not be enthralled by fall clothing!? Btw if you don't have a slight degree of an "mmhhHHHhhmm, amen!" nod going on right now, you are no friend of mine! Please vacate my craziness now. Just kidding. Kinda. But seeing that it's not cold enough to be gearing up for Elf hunting season in the Northpole, well at least not in California (I apologize and am jealous of those who already are in dire need of such hardcore gear), I decided to hit up the FALL 2010 collections to see what I/you/yourboyfriend/ifyoulikegusyclothes should be rocking for such orgasmic weather.

I've grouped them up in real life (yes, real life!) hypothetical situations as follows:

The "You're joking, right!? I'm in my knit sweater, I aint going outside.":
The "Damn it, why can't Starbucks deliver? Now I've gotta take my lazy ass off of this couch.": 
The "Ok, today's gonna be a Loo000ooong day, gotta comfort it up so I can fall asleep in class/office/library/church without getting cold or caught":
The "There's nothing good on T.V. & I refuse to watch another Lifetime movie, so I'll just stroll around and people watch instead.":
The "Oooh, chiillld, it's looking like my nipples could cut glass today... where's my peacoat?": 
The "Why's there gotta be a dresscode? It's FALL! But I guess I'll get my 'You fancy, huh?' on": 
and lastly, the "I don't really know where to wear these but they're freaking glorious so I will anyways":
So if ever you find yourself in one these hypothetical situations, you have no excuse for not knowing what it is that you should be donning. If you do commit an error of judgement, I will find you, kidnap you and then feed you to Mel(tdown) Gibson. Got it? Awesome. 

My job here is done. Hasta luego, mothalovahs!
Ladies you can hate me for not truly including you on this one but honestly let's be real here... you guys got Fall/Winter-wear down like a Kardashian spotting an NBA, NFL, or certified douchebag within a 3,000 mile radius. Like an art!

images via style.com
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vejrubia said...

Hahaha this is superb.

Mei said...

My favorite: John Varvatos, so manly :)

Malu Rivero said...

Maybe I like the ones most escandalous, but I cannot help it...:
Neil Barrett
Roberto Cavalli
Pringle of Scotland

asier_salvo said...


i like your blog!


Shane Bailey said...

Too bad you're in california~~ As a hard cord addict of overcoats, I can't live without the chill of autumn and winter~~ Your words are fun to read BTW

Inspiration exists said...

Definitely quite sharp selection, men in chunky knits are my favorite right now.
Thanks for the comments and the chance to get to know your blog, enjoying it, following you.

Anonymous said...

sooo....you pretty much picked every single on of my favorite men's looks for the fall. my favorite, though, is louis vuitton. you can't beat marc's designs.

i am obsessed with your blog.

sincerely, M


JBriggs said...

amazing picks especially the prorsum and the ferragamo

Jose Camacho said...

Love these photos, I WANT everything in my closet! :P

Jose C.


Markese said...

I think I almost DIED of laughter just now.

Black and Wine said...

I really like the Lanvin outfit! (And the Burberry Prorsum trench military coats of course)

NRC said...

You make me lol so I guess I will have to forgive you for not including us ladies.

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