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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Karl brought les jardins de Versailles to Chanel S/S 2011!!

Waking up to pictures of Chanel S/S Port-A-Preter has been amazing. Nothing like a little Chanel to get the day going! I wish I had more time to write more about my love/hate relationship with Lagerfeld (today there's more love, for sure!) but I have a phatty exam to study for - I probably shouldn't be typing right now - but it's Chanel, it deserves at least 2 seconds of my time and I can't afford to have Coco herself disown me; I have major plans for us when I reach the retirement facility in the sky...  waay later on, of course! I totally dig how Lagerfeld brought a spunky edge yet enough flow and femininity to the collection- it's like an edgy lovely, right? The hole-ridden tweed suits that looked like they'd been devoured by generations of moths was spectacular! It totally brings to light Chanel's timelessness and utter powerhouse divatude! But the feathered and leathered clad garments were mon préféré and I totally wish Karl would've capitalized more on that- we all know he did it on purpose to frustrate me. Touché, Karlfart! Oh, well, I'll take my wins where I can. And having legendary top model and former exclusive Chanel model Ines de la Fressange close the show (the last time she graced a Chanel runway was almost 21 years ago!) was extraordinary. Goes to show ya that time does wonders to already gorgeous people. Karl sure knows how to throw a spectacle and his bringing of the Versailles gardens to the Grand Palais was the perfect touch for his already beautiful creations.

images via REUTERS/Benoit Tessier ENTERTAINMENT

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Chris said...

very disappointing

Anonymous said...

waaaaa awesome! i wanna go there!
lol Baptiste haha

a foreign together said...

oh i loveeeed this venue, beautiful.
ps thanks for your comment & follow! xx

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