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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Studded, Safety Pin glory via Balmain!!!!

Christophe Decarnin, you are one radly EPIC son of a mothalovah!!! Maaaaaaan, I can't handle the amount of visual orgasms that I'm experiencing from these bombastic jacket creations directly via the Balmain Spring 2011 Port-A-Preter collection during Paris Fashion Week.
My eyes don't know what to fixate on. Every inch on every garment is just ridiculously orgasmic! The perfectly calculated mayhem is purely exhilarating to me. Love the marriage between studs and safety pins- it's like Pinhead from Hellraiser and an old photograph of the Mötley Crüe circa the '80s hooked up and had the most badass baby of all time. Strictly genius! I know the fashionloco's have mixed feelings about it and are even saying shit like "Oh, it's totally DIY, why buy one?" and I say, TohMahToe (the better way of saying tomato, obvi!!) cause even if people end up DIYing such awesomeness, Balmain still wins.Why? Two words: WORLD BALMAINATION.

images via Vogue.com

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JBriggs said...

omg those are freaking amazing! i want everything!!

KC said...

ouchy... they so nice they hurt.


Jaime Moreno said...

I love the new balmain collection.
Btw great blog! It's cool you keeps us update.


a foreign together said...

fucking wonderful

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