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Friday, October 1, 2010

Vogue Paris turns 90 and masquerades it up for a night!

Last night marked Vogue Paris's 90th anniversary of reigning supreme and to celebrate such a milestone, they held a chicly rad masquerade and invited la creme de la creme of the fashion kingdom. While Zac Posen, Natalia Vodianova, and Kate Moss were sadden that I didn't show up to do the Hookie Pookie with them (my invite got lost in the mail or something?), I told them to do me proud and that they did, along with the other fancy shmancy guests. The Bal Masqué de Vogue at the Hôtel Pozzo di Borgo was definitely the place to get your swerve on!
Check out these chiens get their Masquerade on. But before ya do, you have to click play (below) for the appropriate background music to scroll through the fanciness right. DO. IT!!

But no one did it better than her royal supreme, the honorable Anna Della Russo:
Luckily for us, Tommy Ton (Jak&Jil), was able to snap some pictures of Anna as she got ready in her suite at the Ritz because while perusing around sites to check her out, I was only able to find  like 2 pics of her that weren't up to her glorious level. Whhaaaat? There is forsure something fishy going on. *ahem* Carine Roitfeld. But the Vogue Nippon editor looked all sorts of ravishing in her custom Pucci gown and Gareth Pugh headdress- so those at the ball definitely knew who the belle of the ball truly was. Bow down, bitches, BOW DOWN!

Oh and whomever this femme fatale is, I like her getup too!

Since I'm slightly obsessed with Lapo Elkmann (one of my style icons), I must share his greatness:

And of course there are always some WTF's, one of which was this lady:
Who quite possibly might be the same chick with the peen schnoz from Deuce Bigalo: Male Gigolo. Seriously, tell me she's not hiding something underneath that lace!

And even more hilariously WTF was Tyra Banks and her homemade fishnet "mask":
And who to better weigh in on her drecktitude than her #1 fan, Michael K from Dlisted.com:
Note to self: If I ever need a pair of fishnets in Paris, go to the CRAZIEST store. While I do appreciate Ty Ty's MacGyver-like skills, she looks like a Christmas ham to me. The kind of ham that when you peel back the foil, you find that it has already spoiled so you don't even cut the netting off. You immediately take it back to Food 4 Less for a store credit.
Hahahaaaahaaaaaa! Michael is always quite the scribe with his eloquent words. But seriously, Ty Ty, get it together or just hire yourself a stylist. But all together, Vogue Paris definitely threw a legit masquerade and I can only imagine what they'll do when they reach their 100th anniversary. Something purely pic, I'm sure. So here's to you, Vogue Paris and your 90th anniversary! Bisou, bisou.

Btw, I take full responsibility for Kate looking a hot mess last night. 
I wasn't joking when I said she was DEVASTATED that I didn't show up and she clearly hit the open bar, hard. My apologies. 

images via Vogue France and Dlisted.com
song: Fancy by Drake ft. T.I. & Swizz Beatz

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