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Monday, December 6, 2010

Into the Wild Dreams of a chic nomad!

The wintery desert color scheme, the vibrant makeup game, the multifarious layers of barbarous garments, and the staggering assemblage of accessories... I just can't even fathom how to express how spellbound I am!! This spread makes me want to ditch my life, pack some pita chips and hummus, and be the second-coming of Genghis Khan - minus the whole invasion and massacre of civilizations bit - and just wander the world in a nomadic love tryst avec my asian supermodel sensation Liu Wen. 

Wild Dreams is by far my most favorite spread for the cold season. Especially because it's unconventional in the way that it DOESN'T involve a snowy winter wonderland. C'mon, the desert!? Brilliant! But with an epic photographer- Greg Kadel, a phenomenal model- Liu Wen and a visionary stylist- Katie Mossman... how can you ever go wrong!? Danke Shön, Vogue Germany!
While I see how much a camel goes for these days, what's YOUR favorite wintery spread thus far? 

images via tfs

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Anonymous said...

Uau! beautiful makeup and styling.

Davidikus said...

The styling and photography are great (I have not read who the photographer is). I am not so sure about the model but the fashion is for ugly models - nothing abnormal, then. Great spread all in all.


bec said...

Wow, that model is fierce!

Purplement said...

Great post:)...the model is sooooo stunning:).Your blog is so interesting and flipping awesome:).


♥ StylisHedForeVer said...

What a great post, these shots are amazing!!

Stay gorgeous!

JBriggs said...

I am amazingly obsessed with ere'thing here i would wear all of those especially the headress

fashionablepris said...

wow what a great pictures!!
and thanks for your comment on my blog!



marta said...

FUR tha's my new drug!

I follow you! Follow me back!!



JP said...

great post!!!

will definitely reblog this!

Amandamarie said...

wow these pictures are crazy powerful. i really love the accessories they used


Shilpi said...

perhaps the most amazing shoot ever!

love the post


l'Oscar revient aux jeunes said...

Gosh , the shoes .. we whant the same !!
Just amazing !

styleevictim said...

woow i like the make-up!!


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