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Monday, August 22, 2011

ready... set... MEISTER!!!!

It's comes to no surprise that I enjoy a good MANcessory, especially when it comes in the form of a  timepiece. I've been an avid collector of watches for quite some time now (I was racking up cool points with my Mickey Mouse velcro watch since my playground days!) and I'm highly picky about what makes the cut. So I'm super excited and stoked to share with you an ultra sicktastic timepiece that will surely leave you obsessed!
This badboy keeps on murdering me with it's greatness time and time again! Pun totally intended. Ever since I met face to face with the Prodigy PR 102 (thanks, Noell!!! I owe you my first born child!), it's been nothing but absolute MANcessory heaven! I'm crazily infatuated with its ticking prowess. Sometimes when I look over to see what time it is, I end up starring at it's black, white, and golden brilliance and fine details so much that I begin to serenade it a bit. Get your hands on one and I promise you'll be doing the same. Scouts honor.
Here's what we're working with...  
Yeah, pretty much an epically outstanding timepiece of greatness! But not only is the Prodigy PR 102 such a beguiling badboy (seriously, the attention it's received when I've worn it, is crazy!) but it deserves utter praise for its incredible wearable versatility. It has the beauty of a  high & mighty "going out" watch yet has the ease of a sporty "day to day" creation. It can totally go both ways but regardless of how you wear it, you will always get a mass feeling of luxe. That in itself is hard to come by these days and especially at such a great price point of $160. So mad kudos to Meister!!!  
I could write on and on about how much The Prodigy PR 102 is to me what a doe-eyed naïve young model is to Terry Richardson, but instead seeing that a picture is worth a thousand words Anna Wintour nods (which btw is the ultimate sign of her esteem and affection!), I've decided to showcase my newest MANcessory obsession in a little picture homage taken by yours truly.

Ready... set... CLICK, CLICK, CLICK!!

[it's a lookbook slideshow, so press  (on the right ➘➘) to go through the photos]
If you're not keeling over in an unhealthy MANcessory daze than may Zeus have mercy on your soul! I'm only slightly kidding, mothalovahs!! I'm really happy with how my little project turned out but it wouldn't have been as great without the star attraction that is the Prodigy PR 102. Any other watch and it would've flopped like MTV's TRL did when Carson Daly left or like every J.Lo movie made after Maid In Manhattan. For serious.
The crafstmenship and quality Meister put into this piece and their others watches - which are all put together by hand - is one of the grandest reasons their timepieces are one of the most superior in the game. If you want something that will standout, give you a sense of confidence and pride once you put it on, and can killingly give you and other's an eyeful of mechanical glory... then a Meister Watch is for you! You can also ask music bosses like B.O.B and Mike Posner or U.S. Major League Soccer player Jimmy Conrad and basketball player Dwight Howard from the Orlando Magic (only a few of Meister A-list fans) how they like their timepieces.

Seeing that Meister offers 4 different collections (each with various coloring options) - Ambassador, Chief, Prodigy (where this PR 102 resides along with 10 other colorways), and an exquisite Special Edition one too - you best bet that there is one (actually probably like 2, 5, or 9!) Meister creation that will entice you! Plus it's always great to help support independently owned and operated companies that are U.S. based. Man, is there anything not awesome about Meister? Get some Meister loving!
To check out the Prodigy PR 102 and all of the Meister badboys, click on over here

images via myself & Meister Watches
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Special thanks to Noell at Meister Watches and Meister Watches for sending this insanely sicktastic timepiece my way!!!!! It has definitely become a go-to favorite of mine and I'm one-hundred-percently hooked on Meister Watches! Again, thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!


Stacey said...

I'll have to show my man this post; he's addicted to watches!

Andrés Corella said...

I absolutely love watches!!...I have like 4 or 5..they could be 6 but who is counting xD...I totally got fixated on the demanding for attention Chief and the dazzling purple background on the Special Edition...the one you like is gorgeous too...btw thanks for commenting on my blog and you are absolutely right in what you said...You´ve got an amazing blog and I am soo following you...thanks for following me first I really appreciated...and ok now I´ll stop cause this is getting to long a comment hahaha.


The Black Label

Mei said...

I like it! Very manly watch :) haha love the funny way you describe about it!

fashionablepris said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog:) Love these watches!!! I like to wear big watches myself:) but some way they always brake or stop ticking:(



JP said...

i'm totally feeling the 101 RB model. i will have to look into it. it reminds me of a bell & ross watch minus the hefty price tag...

thanks for sharing buddy...


amazing...great blog

VicissitudiniLombarde said...

Stunning watches!!! love it :D

Thanks for your great comment :).. thank you so much, really!


Andi Cui said...

Yeah! It's from H&M, I don't know, but here in Madrid there is a section that it's the purple labeled part and they've got awesome things!!


Anonymous said...

I would love to go out having this make up on. But somebody for sure would kill me, especially in my town:) I just want to be an olw for a day (or rather night) , that's all, haha
Glad, that you like it, greetings from Poland!

Caroline said...

Really nice, i like the sound of the mickey mouse watch too, velcro forever ;) thanks for the comment!

Brandon said...

Time and time again *pun intended* i come over to your blog and the way your write is always fresh. nice to see some personality in a blog. and these meister watches are something else. never heard of them but now i think i've found what im copping myself for xmas. im thinking prodigy is the way to go.

alfon_so said...

Thank you very much,
you are very nice
Very good the choice of clocks

A greeting

Anonymous said...

muy buen blog... y que bonito el reloj¡


Davidikus said...

Mancessories rock. Though unmarried, I even bought a ring that passes as a wedding ring... A man can barely have too many accessories.


Carlo said...

I want some 'Meister lovin"!! These watches are ill man.

Marguerite said...

Very beautiful watches...I always wanted get a men watch, but my wrists are so small :(

Mark T. said...

Siiiiicckkk watches!! They all look real sexy. That special edition one with the purple is killin it right now!

More post likes this! You know your "MANcesorries"!!!

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