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Monday, July 25, 2011

orange says summer city stroll to me.

While downing a $2 beer that I had artfully sneaked out of a Taco Tuesday establishment, I stumbled on to (literally) a glorious sunset casting its orange shroud upon San Francisco and was inspired to wander around the city in an orange daze for my next shenanigans.

Naturally, I automatically started drawing up MANfits for this adventure to-be and hit up the fashion-nets. In a perfect world, I'd hit up MrPorter, LuisaViaRoma, or SSENSE but my ass is Real Housewives of New Jersey broke from my lolligagan AND it's summer and that means I'm only interested in basic, thin, barely-there pieces- pieces that should NEVER cost in the hundreds. As much as I'd like to say "this isn't just a gray plain t-shirt, it's 3.1 Phillip Lim gray plain t-shirt!" in a Draco Malfroy slithering hiss, I can't drop it low for basic Fruit of the Loom-esque pieces, that, and I'm running out of organs to sell on the black market. So to keep it real I head to Forever21. Yes, Forever21! I have recently discovered that they carry a mensline dubbed 21Men that is not only insanely well priced but is actually pretty damn legit in it's style aesthetic. Whaaaaa?? Jackpot!

Here's what I came up with for a sunlit tangy color MANfit: 
If you were expecting an all orange jumpsuit from the Lindsay Lohan School of Hardknocks collection, je suis sorry. Yup, it's only one orange tank but everything else was picked based upon it- it was my foundation so to speak. Summer daywear = simple. Nada fancy, nada complicated, just effortless cool. I've been going for a gypsy vagabond wanderer vibe infused w a GQ dandy element. Which is exactly what I feel the above look encompasses just perfectly. It's naturally jovial, pleasantly free but still debonairly sharp. 
And I didn't forget the ladies... 
Boho gypsy whimsical playful love child- that's what I was going for with this female rendition. Perfect for parading around Haight & Ashbury after sipping on a giant Mimosa glass. Now, I'd like to point out the earring selection for this getup. I chose two styles but I only put one of each pair for a reason- you'd only be wearing one of each at the same time. Yup, one of each. Same time. I think it'd add a lil creative spark and it's summer, the perfect time to experiment. Do it! 
As the summer days are quickly counting down, I hope you all hit up the summer rays as much as possible and make sure to visit 21Men or Forever21 for some legit and well priced items for your SUMMER LOVING shenanigans!
images via 21men & forever21.com
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Andrés Corella said...

Love this options..I like Orange very much I think its a fabulous and actually quite statement color

The Black Label

Jayvee Doroteo said...

21men , I think is good for "barely there" pieces. I mean the fabric used is pretty cheap so you can expect them to be thin. Perfect for hot summer days, exactly why I haven't been shopping there lately. Summer here in Vancouver is preetty cold this year


KC said...

oh i like the look you put together for the guy. love the shorts and the accessories.


Clément Dezelus said...

Very inspiring ! Love it !


Anonymous said...

Really like the bracelet...GOOD POST!

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