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Friday, January 7, 2011

Adam Levine from Maroon 5 goes naked for the sake of testicles. [plus info EVERY MAN SHOULD KNOW about testicular cancer!]

* Before you just get your nakedness fixe of the day, make sure to read the whole post- there's some pretty critical information. Gracias.
In the upcoming February issues of Cosmo UK, Maroon 5 frontman and personal style icon of mine Adam Levine bares pretty much everything to encourage the fellahs to regularly check their family jewels for testicular cancer. 
After getting over my initial vibes of "totally NOT expecting that!" and "F-U, now I need to get to a gym stat!", I got to thinking about testicular cancer and realized I didn't know much. Seeing that this was completely unacceptable, I decided I needed to educate myself, so I got my 3D glasses from watching TRON, popped out the lenses, put them on and started to get my serious-researcher face on. After doing a little research this is what I came upon:
  * Although testicicular cancer only accounts for 1% of cancers in men, it is the MOST common type of cancer in males ages 16 to 35
  * In 2010, it was estimated that 8,450 men would have been diagnosed with testicular cancer and 350 of them would have lost their fight to the disease. 
  * The breakdown of age diagnoses statistics:
5.8% under the age of 20
47.4% between 20 and 34
27.4% between 35 and 44
13.7% between 45 and 54
3.7% between 55 and 64
1.2% between 65 and 74
0.6% between 75 and 84
0.2% 85+ years of age.
Startling isn't it? But what I found particularly wide-eyed about was the age diagnoses statistics within the ages of 20-44. This age bracket is when men are at their prime, so it's extremely alarming to know that it accounts for 74.8% of men diagnosed with testicular cancer as a whole within a research study from The National Institute of Cancer. I'm also even more startled because I currently find myself within the younger part of this age group and concurrently most of my brosephs as well, plus older gents I work with, family members, and probably most guys that read this blog or on social media networks in general. Because of this, I've decided to also share with you guys how to administer a Testicular Self-Exam- it's the least I could do. You may be a guy reading this blog, so this is awesome for you to know, but if you're one of my lovely lady babes please take notes and/or forward this as a link to the great gentlemen in your life. It's information that EVERY MAN SHOULD KNOW. 
Testicular Cancer has a 5 year survival rate of 95.3%. That's pretty damn high. But in order to find yourself within this rate and to increase it to hopefully 100%, gentlemen need to catch it before it gets serious. So touch yourself, touch your boyfriend, touch your husband, just tell every guy to touch themselves in a TSE way every month. If you find anything out of the normal, some swelling, just anything, go ahead and have it checked out by a physician. It may not be anything threatening but man's best friend (sorry Old Yeller and AirBud, but it's the truth) is worth taking every precaution. Amen.
For more information head on over to The National Cancer Institute.

images via Cosmopolitan UK
statistics by The National Cancer Institute

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Taj said...

he just ruined my self esteem.

lol"serious researcher face"

HANNAH said...

Oh dear lord. I forgot Adam Levine even existed. Wow.


Mei said...

-nosebleeds- =w=

Chris said...

Really good thing from him! And the photos are hot.

alfredo said...

Amazing post. I love the fact that you went further than showing Adam's pics, because Information about this issue is
really necessary and it is great that you give it the importance and difussion it needs.

Congratulations. Love your blog and your tweets.


Jason laucht said...

speachless, amazed, drooling and so on! <3




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