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Friday, January 7, 2011

Vogue Paris has a new HBIC (Head Babe In Charge!)!!!

With Carine Roitfeld's unexpected decision to break my heart to leave Vogue Paris, the fashionsphere has been crazed with who would reign as her successor but this morning the Vogue honcho's have spoken and Emmanuelle Alt will be ditching her Creative Director digs for her new office on top of the Eiffel Tower (let me have this one!) as the NEW EDITOR-IN-CHIEF!! I'm not only happy because she was my personal pick to take over but because she's already in the family which gives me the full confidence that she'll continue to make Vogue Paris the mecca of high fashion magazines.

A little bit about Emmanuelle:
The 43 years young beauty joined Vogue Paris in 2000 as the Fashion Director straight from her stint at French magazine Mixte. She was educated in the prestigious Lubeck School - equivalent to Central Saint Martin's College in London - in Paris and also worked as a fashion stylist in and around the fashion circuit (recently with Balenciaga and Isabel Marant), which also makes her the second stylist to command editorship at Vogue Paris. She's definitely more on the less-sparkly side than Carine Roitfeld in the garment game, but I like how real her effortlessly rad and badass non-chalant approach to her personal style is-- she's the epitome of modern street chic! Her signature blazers/coats paired with tight pants look is unmistakable- you can block out her face and can blurt out "Emmanuelle Alt!" within a mili-second of seeing the outfit. Now that's style power!

The change in editorship comes as soon as February 1st, which will make the April issue Emmanuelle's debut as the new HBIC of Vogue Paris. Can't wait! Great things to come.

Félicitations et bonne chance, Emmanuelle! :)
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Snow Black said...

Oooh this should be interesting. So which month does she officialy have her name as editor on the issue? March? +_+

NRC said...

I love her, yay I really want to see what impact she has on the magazine.

bec said...

I'm glad that she got chosen too....Her jackets are to die for!! :)

Berta said...

Thank u so much for your birthday comment!!?=) U are lovely! I think she has style so... I think we don´t have to cared!

lOVE uR bLOG AS aLWayS! xoxo

Nora said...

we'll see ... :)

Malu Rivero said...

Oh oh... I think I'm not prepared to see repetitive darkyrockyrebel styles and bailmania on my darling Vogue Paris... I'm starting to have headache...!... well I hope I'm wrong, and you're right with you personal selection of the HBIC, we will see if she's bitch enought...

Andrés Corella said...

Well this shall be interesting...I´ll sit and wait to see what she comes up with!


Kim'n'roll said...

That's cool

KC said...

i think she'll do a great job. and yes, she's one of the few who have her own definitive style.


Raez said...

definitely sad to see carine step down form Vogue Paris, but I am looking forward to see what miss Alt has to offer!

xx raez

St Loup said...

Let's wait for her at Vogue. In the meantime we can enjoy her unique style. She's got so much charm and class! The perfect combination. :-)

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