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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rodarte Sisters will NOT get an Oscar for Best Costume Design for Black Swan. Whaaa?

UPDATE [Jan 27th]: Guess I made a big deal out of this bc Black Swan didn't even get nominated for a Best Costume Design Oscar. Whaaaaa??? 2012 is definitely upon us!

Anyone who has seen Black Swan knows that it will definitely be in the running for various Oscars, one including the Best Costume Design one. But unfortunately after creating 40 phenomenal costumes and all of Nathalie Portman's Nina Sayer's stunning ballet gear, the talented Rodarte designers will not be up for an Oscar. The Mulleavy sisters didn't negotiate well and instead of getting frontend credit (a requirement to be eligible for a nomination), they got dupped into settled for backend closing credit and they also weren't part of the Costume Design Guild which is another must to be eligible for taking the little Bronze Man home. Instead, the frontend credited lead designer Amy Westcott will nab the statue.
Original Rodarte Sketches ↑↓

It's really unfortunate for the Rodarte geniuses because they created some really astonishing and alluring pieces for Black Swan. You would think that they'd be all up in the know when it comes to contracts but then again, they weren't part of the Lollipop Costume Design Guild, whom I'm sure would've given them an "Ohhhh, hell to the nah!" and picketed/goneonestrike/whatevercrazinesstheydo for their rightful credit. Hell, if it was me, I would've brought in my Inspector Gadget magnifying glass and sat my self down until EVERYTHING was read, highlighted, and slashed. Seriously, if I'm gonna create some killer pieces that define a movie, I better get my name in big bold shinny letters in the opening! But kudos to the sisters for being very chill about the situation and instead being proactive and signing up with an agency and becoming members of the Costume Design Guild. No Oscar debacles in their future. I would have gone the opposite direction, raised hell and given the Screen Actors Guild an Oscar worthy crazy meltdown á la Nina Sayer. For the record, this is what I would look like:
I'm actually more worried about the lead costume designer Amy Westcott. If/when Black Swan wins the Oscar, I think it would suck to know you got an award that was solely because of someone else's work. It's kinda embarrassing. Actually, it's HARDCORE embarrassing! I mean, I don't know what she designed, but all the Best Costume Design buzz seems to be around the Rodarte pieces. This will surely make a rather interesting acceptance speech, non? I can already imagine: "I managed the budget, gave out orders to Rodarte, and organized so diligently. Thanks for acknowledging MY hard work. Thank you, thank you!!" I'm definitely going to be watching that night just for this little awkward spectacle. 

images via WWD, google image search & Black Swan trailer

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Mei said...

So there are isues between who designed the costumes for Black Swan? Like who takes the most credit and should win an Oscar? Lol I don't get it..

Nathalie P. looks demonic in the last picture! xx~

Andrés Corella said...

Its to bad, they really did and outstanding work with the costumes for Black Swan...and I will be watching the Academy Awards to just to see that speech


Malu Rivero said...

Where the hell they had the head doing this f*** contract! When it happens is because they didn't have a good manager supervising that kind of business...! it's completely necessary, and almost all of the best designers who have succeed they have had their better half (a management or economist!) for example... marc jacobs...valentino...etc
I'm not clear if they have done it wrong or they have been deceived...
Anyway I think that if you are doing a value work like this, you must be careful and take care of it! and it means know what you're doing!!
Nada más que añadir! ...por hoy!
Xoxo Gratz!

Jos Phsycothetic said...

your blog is very interesting! And the photos and similars are very good. I follow u!


JBriggs said...

Rodarte Sisters - "IT'S MY TURN!!"
(stab Oscar officials at ceremony with a piece of broken glass)

Berta said...

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!???? OHh!!I think is so lovely... I love the costumes.. I want to see the film too!

See u!!! =)! xoxo

KC said...

oh, i feel so cheated for the rodarte sisters. they should definitely black swan amy's ass!


Sammie said...

Ugh, that's really upsetting. They did such an amazing with the costumes; that's what really drew me into the movie. Well, that & the fact that Nina was every type of crazy in the book. Hopefully this Amy lady will credit them in her speech.

Snow Black said...

I came back from Paris today and I am going to watch it tonight. Can't wait to see the costumes ;-) Yeah I'd be all Kanye West and go up on the stage grab the microphone. "Now Amy Westcott, I love you and everything but I really think Rodarte should have won this award" *shrugs shoulders* Key in Natalie POrtman looking shocked. Mwahaha!

Ivan Margusino said...


Anonymous said...

I really like your blog!

Pass from me when you want ...

Ps.: I follow you, I hope to spare!


The blond girl said...

oo i love it! a kiss :)

Bruno said...

That costume is truely amazing indeed!
Great post (( :


EFT for Cancer said...

I find their costumes really nice and fantastic. Well I guess it's up to the judges.

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