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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I'm alive!! And so is Vanity Fair's 17th Annual Hollywood Issue!!

What's up, mothalovahs!!!
I've failed and sucked at blogging for sometime now. I just start classes in San Diego and I have no real excuse- I've been parading around drunkenly, enjoying the jovial blaze, and sorta turning into a wandering gypsy man. If y'all were following me on twitter, you would know about my ventures. Oh, how the beach does the soul some good!! But I've finally woken up (kinda) from my vagabond dream and am back to the bloggosphere.

So to get things rolling and since it's all kinds of steroid movie awards season right now, THIS is a great start!!
How freaking glorious is this cover of Vanity Fair's 17th annual Hollywood issue?!??? Photog Norman Jean Roy, you are now my best bro fo lyyyfffeee!! Screw spreading democracy, if all these gangstah's would star in a film together (Greats Gatsby meets Gossip Girl meets Cruel Intentions???) every single political, health, and style crisis (Taylor Momsen, you still have a chance!) would be solved. Scouts honor. I mean, seriously... it's only logical!
Here's some close up shots... oh, the details! 
Besides Anne's head being shrunken by a voodoo doctor, this is dapper to the max!

Olivia Wilde is golden in her highclass hooker Sunday attire (that's a compliment!)!

And Rashida Jones bottle-feeding that cheetah baby? Straight baller!

I'm going to cop myself 3 copies of this masterpiece- 1 to frame the cover and put next to my nightstand, another to send to the Greek Life office at my school to show my fellow fraternity/sorority people what FORMAL ATTIRE really looks like (there are some fashion serial killers out there!), and then one just to keep me company while I watch TV. Alright never mind, I'm just buying one and photocopying the crap out of it... hey, it's hard times for everyone!

What did y'all think? Who looks the best? What kind of frame should I get? 
images via Taylor Fucks for Black Book & Vanity Fair

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JBriggs said...

ha it seems im having a similar problem but instead of a vagabond gypsy party boy, ive become something much less interesting, a shut-in student BLEHK! but anyway its great to see you are back to blogging i was having an r.gratz withdrawal!

KC said...

omg omg!! joseph gordon levitt. why does he always look oh so hot in a formal wear like a true bad boy rich kid?


Trendy Feeling said...

I love it, can't wait to buy it!

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