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Monday, April 18, 2011

Kanye. Coachella 2011. Part 2.

So if you aren't aware of things, I kinda went super psycho crazy on twitter last night about Kanye West's closing performance at Coachella while it was LIVE on youtube. 
Yup, I definitely went THERE. I was kinda embarrassing like that annoying stage mom at her daughters first ballet recital or Tyra Banks watching herself on the intro of America's Next Never Will Be Top Model (you know she orgasms at the site of herself.). I exploded in Kanye awesomeness and you know what, I have no shame. I was definitely caught off guard because I'm no Kanye fan. I only wanted to view his performance because I knew something crazy would happen because of his antics, so I didn't want to miss out. Plus it was THE CLOSING of Coachella. I did not know that I'd be blown away by 1. his killerly EPIC Gypsy MANfit and 2. by the artistry of his performance.

He's like Lady Gaga to me; I like the music, hate the person but overall couldn't care too much. So me saying that I am now on Team Kanye is a BIG DEAL. I never thought I'd ever say such a thing but here I am and rightfully so. The guy just performed the fuck out of his heart (yes, I'm also amazed he has one too!) and left me stunned. Capital S, T, U, N, N, E, D! I was enthralled, hypnotized, crazed, and everything in between. I haven't seen so much passion, dedication, and love like I did during his performance. It was resonating and I could feel everything going through his mind and body. He. Killed. It. Sure, he's sure a big douchebag but right now, I applaud Kanye as an artist. Before you guys think the Illuminati has gotten to me, you can go youtube his performance and see that I'm not crazy for praising the guy.

But onto his MANfit... 
** I already gave a lowdown and more live screencaptures in the post before this, so check that out if you haven't yet.**
I was soo taken aback by Ye that I had to blog while he was performing LIVE. Crazy shit, I know! I was for sure possessed by the fashion spirits. Now that I think of it, I'm pretty sure I was one of the first if not FIRST to blog about his MANfit. Awesome. But here it is again:

The star of the MANfit is definitely the silk print shirt from the Céline S/S 2011 collection. It's free-flowing form was perfect for the modern hippie occasion that is Coachella. Actually, it IS Coachella! So extreme props to his styling team and Kanye for busting it out. But not only does it look like part of a desert gypsy dream but seeing that it's womenswear, I hope it'll make creative director Phoebe Philo want to create some Céline mensgear now. Seriously, can you freaking imagine!?? We can all potentially thank Kanye for this. And the MANcessories!?? Orgasm! You all know I have a deep and chronic infatuation with MANcessories - damn it, I call them 'MANcessories' for crying out loud! - so when I saw him raise his hands and I caught his pack of stacked mixed beaded and brass bracelets, my pupils dialated and my eyes glazed over. I died. It was waay too glorious. It's everything that I fucking love for the spring/summer season and have been rocking lately. And his golden layered bling was a legit touch because this whole MANfit was totally out of left field for Kanye and I felt like it was his way of Kanye-ing it out- it's Coachella Kanye. The jeans were chill and the shoes are apparently his new Nike Air Yeezy ones but I don't care too much for them, so you can google for them or whatever. 

Kanye wore the same red suit (I think?) from his VMA's performance at the end of his Coachella shindig and I think it was meant more for adding bold power to his already powerful masterpiece of a performance than for actual fashion musings-- his first MANfit did that and then some. But here are some more LIVE screen captures I snapped last night and I even got some stellar ones of his MANcessory lineup.

I had noticed that Kanye had been doing quite well in the styling department in the past year but because I loathed his persona, I was blinded by how chill his style truly is. But after this Coachella greatness, the kid has all my respect stylewise. Not only that but I am also all over Kanye - the artist - after his performance of undiluted genius and insanely wondrous theatrics. Who would of thunk it. I'm still in shock. 

What about you guys? Did you catch Ye's performance? Thoughts?
images via google and my own LIVE screen captures of Kanye at Coachella 2011

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Snow Black said...

I love how Yeezy is wearing women's wear from Celine ;-)

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