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Because I never wanted to be beautiful,
and I never pretended to be."

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

skull and bones takes on fashion. Rick Genest for the latest GQ UK Style.

Rick Genest, aka Zombie boy, aka THE guy with his whole body tattooed as a skeleton, has been making his rounds in the fashionsphere and rapidly! It all started when Nicola Formichetti "discovered" him on facebook which then prompted Formichetti to make Rick his muse for his first collection as Thiery Mugler creative director. Then throw in some Lady Gaga dance scenes later...and Rick is now a bonafide fashion gangstah. Holler! Here's his latest editorial for GQ Style UK lensed by Karim Sadli where he dons... wait for it... Mugler! Which prompts me to ponder if his ride on the fashion train is a one way only trip. Is there life after Mugler for Zombie Boy? What will he do once he's all old and saggy? But let's focus only on the now (isn't that what we're obsessed with anyhow my little trendseekers?) and jeebus does Rick's spread make me cringe. But in the good way. It's surprisingly very beautiful to me. Creepy but somehow etherial and dare I say tender? How interesting and peculiar. I like!
What's the lesson here? Be as anathematizing crazy and live your life just the mothaloving way you want to because Nicola Formichetti will come and make you a star. I know there's a cool analogy in there somewhere. Work it out. I'm too lazy. But yeah, live as wildly as you deem fit!

images via tfs

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Miki Gumia said...

I recently moved to my new blog chicstylista.wordpress.com I just want to thank you for the nice comments you've posted to my old blog.

Berta said...

I likeeeitt!!!!

David Toms said...

I admire the guy' pluck and courage for doing this and it is freakingly and disturningly fascinating, however what is he going to look like when he is 60?

Snow Black said...

I am a fan, though yeah I am curious when he hits 50, what he will look like ;-) Hehe. But hot though, does he have a girlfriend? Heeeyyy !

Dimitri Zafiriou said...

I haven't words..it is just amazing and artistic!!!!

l'Oscar revient aux jeunes said...

We like it !

Anonymous said...

a.k.a my future husband!
biscous, matthew

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