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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

lady gaga is a disrobing queen fashion icon. 2011 cfda fashion awards edition.

The CFDA Fashion Awards, aka the Oscar's of American Fashion, were last night in Manhattan [which btw, head on over to my twitter to check out the redcarpet images!]. But who cares about the boys of Proenza Schouler winning Womenswear Designer of the Year or the fashion maven that is Phoebe Philo being honored with the International Award for her work for Céline, nope, because Lady Gaga was the shining ho of the evening as she strutted down the red carpet to nab the Fashion Icon Award.

But before I go on to praise the Gagaloo, I must go on a rant first- I figure it'd balance things out since I can't have myself sound like a full-fledged little monster. I just died a bit even saying those two words. 

Here we go, 
When I first heard that the CFDA was going to give the Gagadroid the Fashion Icon Award, I knew the rapture did occur on May 21st and I was one of the lost souls damned to live hell on earth. I think Gaga has had some interesting costumes since the illumanati fed her soul to beelzebub she rose to being "the mother monster" but I don't consider her a fashionable person. She's more like a walking pop art piece than anything else in her "styling." I do admit though that there have been times when she's Naomi Campbell sucker punched me in the groin with stellar outfits but those have been very rare and seldom. So Fashion Icon? Mmmmm, not so much. At least not yet. Plus, there are countless other people who  have been tearing up the fashion game with their musings with actual "fashions" - *ahem Madonna, Daphne Guinness, Lauren Hutton, Suri Cruise* - but clearly logic/merit gets trumped by media whoring a la Kardashian for the CFDA trolls. 

Anyways... there must've been something fishy going up in the fashion heavens because my nipples perked up when I saw the Gagaloo at the CFDA red carpet. She looked savagely phenomenal!
Her Mugler getup was darkly chic and tastefully high fashion. No eye sore here. No mistaking avant-garde with "how fucking weird and deranged can I look because I think that's fashion" here either. Color me  surprised and amazed because I was on my knees in awe. And since I'm a sucker for anything turquoise, her bob was the cherry on top. She definitely turned it out big time but it's still no enough for me to praise her as a fashion icon (maybe if she had more moments like this, I'd rethink it).  

And then she snapped her dress off and accepted her Saving The CFDA Fashion Awards with Media Coverage Fashion Icon Award in her finest church wear attire. 
Spiked thong included. 
Did Anderson Cooper try on the spiked piece and hurt himself causing him to leave his hosting duties early? Likely. 
But the best part of her night was her third act of disrobing when she removed her bustier/corset to reveal her pastied lady tata's in her black sheer bodysuit as she Lindsay Lohan-ed into some club. 
Seriously, did she graduate from the Dita von Teese School of Disrobing? Because that is true talent!! 

But what's even better than a picture of her tramptastic outfit? Pictures of the Gagz gyrating her tidbits like the two months of rent she owes is due tomorrow in her tramptastic outfit.  
Get. It. Gurl!
Praise it!
CFDA, you chose wisely! 

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JBriggs said...

as much as my current disdain for Gaga goes this is pretty awesome im digging the mermaid princess wig

vejrubia said...

To me, she looks like Madam Yulia now. Search her up. She doesn't just steal from Pop music, she steals from the birthing grounds of art.

Andrés Corella said...

You know I really like the dress at the red carpet..and the half of it when she accepted the award but the last one is just too mucho..there´s a fine line between tasteful, edgy and plain wtf!

The Black Label

CACANITO© said...

she looks soooo great!

Jason Laucht said...

Rarr raaarrr!!! I love her no matter what and she' ll be a legend! Our children's children's childnren's children's will talk about her in d future lol

Mutha monstha!!

Eli said...

what can I say, but "PERKY"...LOL!

Snow Black said...

Omg Gaga, words fail me. I think the best combo would be her and Justin Beiber partying it up. LEt's see what his Beliebers and her Little Monsters will think of that !

Anonymous said...

Loved this post! Great writing!

Amazing blog! Really! Great job

I'm following your blog definitely!

XO Fashion Victim Portugal


L.A.V. said...

Maybe it's a matter of age but I can`t get all the Gaga hopla I man some of her songs are ok, IMHO her style is sometimes falls in the "trying too much" category but some people seems to think there a BG/PG in pop music..

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