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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

emanuel ungaro s/s 2012- some pieces to love.

I feel that a constant black cloud is always sitting on top of Emanuel Ungaro. It seems that it's always treading in water and waiting to come in at a disastrous last place at the Paris Fashion Week Olympics. Especially after the fashioncrowd mowled down it's Lindsay Lohan collection (I didn't find it THAT craycray to be honest) and since it's had an onslaught of creative directors come and go faster than Karl Lagerfeld can suck the youth out of his muses, it's hard for it not to be seen as a joke fixture of a house. It's really sad because Emmanuel Ungaro used to be such an iconic house in it's earlier days of the 80's and 90's. Anywho, I took a gander at their s/s 2012 collection and I found some pieces that I thought were quite spectacular in their own right:

I find these pieces to be very whimsical and beautifully sensual. I feel they'd make ladies looks absolutely stunning and coi. The blue/red watercolor-esque print pieces may have been used a bit too much - like, they said "I love this print... so let's make it into a pant, a dress, a jumpsuit, AND a thong, AND a babyseat cover, AND burka, AND a bathrobe, and everything we can!!" - but I rather enjoy them very much as independent pieces and also because they stay true to the bold color palette that made Ungaro a hard hitting phenomenon during it's prime. I guess I just want to believe that the House may jump back unto it's feet one day. I'm a sucker for heritage and tradition, and Ungaro has worked the fashion corners for 40 years to fall all the way apart. Please, someone save them. Please!

Here's to hoping the rain stops at the House of Emanuel Ungaro.

image(s) via style.com
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