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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

hang up that peacoat and say hello to PRINGLE!

Lately I've been seeing an influx of too many peacoats around the streets of San Francisco. Although I do appreciate and own various peacoats myself, I hate when I start looking like a drone. While thinking of ways to change up my outwear, I thought of taking it back old school and going with the original cold weather wear favorite; knits! 
I have a deep respect, fascination, and infatuation with Pringle of Scotland. Their commitment to heritage is just as grand as their fantastic and impeccably made knitwear since 1815. Season after season, I'm always blown away with their knit creations. Since they are THE best in the knitwear game, it's no surprise that Pringle would offer some epically amazing pieces to combat the current peacoat invasion. 
Cashmere Hand Knit Maxi Cable Cardigan
Cashmere Hand Knit Maxi Cardigan with Shearling Inserts.
But if you're more into a bit more structure...
Cashmere Hand Knit Zip Front Cardigan.
Cashmere Hand Knit Parka with Shearling.
Aren't they incredible works of knitwear art?! Not only are they exquisitely dapper, will keep you warm and comfortable, but they are damn versatile! They can be worn casually to a friendly round of coffee at a mom & pop establishment or if you work in a professional setting - ahem financial district and downtown men of San Francisco the world! - over your work suit/wear as you stomp the streets to & from work. But better yet, I think they'd be a beautiful "coat" to have for your fancier occasions; the juxtaposition of a beautifully unbound chunky knit and the clean cut lines of a perfectly tailored slim cut suit is sartorial perfection and even better yet, great for those holidays parties that are coming up soon. 

So come on, why don't you give your peacoat a much deserved rest and introduce some knitwear into your life? You wont regret it! Pinky promise. 

Be sure to visit Pringle of Scotland for more knit awesomeness!

image(s) via pringle of scotland 
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gillybeancandyjar said...

Love love love the first & last outfit!

lolita said...

You have great blog hun x


David Toms said...

It is great to see Pringle get out of their stodginess and try something edgier

Pachi Santiago said...

Great blog and great collection!
Thanks for sharing

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