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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

a tearful adieu to raf simons- his last collection for jil sander

It was unexpectedly blasted a day before the A/W 2012 collection unveiled in Milan that Raf Simons was out of Jil Sander and Jil Sander would comeback out of being broke retirement to be the creative director. This just made way for Dior rumors for Mr. Simons and although I loved him at Jil Sander, I wasn't too upset. But as soon as I saw Raf Simons cry at the end of his last collection for JS, my black Swarovsky crystal heart shed it's cruel layer and got a giant case of the waterworks.
If you're not welling up after these images, you are not a human being!! Even Karl Lagerfeld's corpse and Anna Wintours bob shed tears that day. No lie. Before he came out, some of the models were crying during the final run through and the whole room simultaneously stood up in ovation and reverence. It was such a emotionally raw moment in fashion.

The collection was romantically minimalist, beautifully pastel yet bold, lovely and impeccably Raf. There's not much I can say to truly capture what a phenomenal last collection Mr. Simons delivered for the Jil Sander maison. The clothes speak volumes and I'm going to leave it at that.

Bravo, Raf. I know I'll be seeing you bow at the end of a new collection soon. Wink.

Click ↓↓↓ to view the full collection!!

image(s) via style.com
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Clément Dezelus said...

Amazing show ! So sad at the end....


Amina said...

thanks for sharing

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